Should you invest in Filecoin, THETA, and Synthetix this week [27 July]? Here are my predictions.

By: Milko Trajcevski
Milko Trajcevski
Milko leverages his passion for cryptocurrencies and teaches investors something new each day. During his spare time, he loves… read more.
on Jul 27, 2021
  • Filecoin stores data through decentralized means.
  • Theta provides video-streaming services through utilizing blockchain technology.
  • Synthetix saw an increase in trading volume by 80% in the last 24 hours.

Filecoin FIL/USD is by far one of the oldest projects here but it’s staying strong on the top lists in terms of market capitalization. THETA THETA/USD has the potential to power the future of video streaming, and Synthetix SNX/USD is going out of control in terms of the trading volume of its coin and its demand.

Should you invest in Filecoin (FIL)?

On July 27, Filecoin (FIL) had a value of $48.53.

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FIL saw its all-time high on April 1, where it reached a value of $236.84.

When we look at its performance in June as a point of comparison, it reached a value of $97 on June 4 and saw one of its lowest points of $45 on June 21.

That’s a drop, in terms of the value of 53% and signals just how much the coin’s value has shifted throughout that specific month.
However, at its current price point, it is just 49% lower than its max value of that month, which means that it has the potential to climb in value by around 50% by the end of August if you decide to invest in it.

Should you invest in THETA (THETA)?

On July 27, Theta (THETA) had a value of $5.55.

THETA saw its all-time high on April 16, where it reached a value of $15.72.

When we analyze the performance it had throughout June, it saw its highest point on June 18 at a value of $9.95, and its lowest point on June 22 with a value of $5.41. This is a 45% difference in value.

When we compare it to the value it had on June 27, that is a 44% difference. This indicates that the token, in its recent prime, was 44% more valuable and has the potential to climb again in the near future.

By the end of August, this might bring you a solid return on investment as a result.

Should you invest in Synthetix (SNX)?

On July 27, Synthetix (SNX) had a value of $9.09.

SNX saw its all-time high on February 14, with a value of $28.53.

Looking at June’s numbers, on June 3, it had a value of $14.08, while on June 22, it dropped to one of its lowest points of $5.93. This is a difference of 57% in value.

However, the value it had on June 27 is only 35% lower than its maximum value of June, which means that it is close to getting back up to that pace. By the end of August, we could potentially see its value go up to $14 yet again as a result.

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