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Occam Association announces strategic investment and new partner

on Jul 30, 2021
  • is a leading addition to Cardano’s landscape
  • The most important element of’s ecosystem is its launchpad, OccamRazer
  • Razer can unlock liquidity in Cardano’s ecosystem along with the other components

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Thursday was a busy day for the Occam Association as it announced two notable updates. First, it announced that cFund made a strategic investment into its ecosystem. Second, it announced that EMURGO was welcomed as a strategic partner of the Occamfi ecosystem.  

CFund invests in Occam

cFund is the official early-stage innovation fund for the Cardano (ADA/USD) blockchain and supports projects to build critical infrastructure for the coin’s swiftly growing ecosystem. is a Cardano-customized suite of DeFi solutions, which is designed to deliver top of the line DEX tools, decentralized launchpad capabilities, liquidity pools, and swap capabilities for native Cardano tokens. The most important element of’s ecosystem is its launchpad, a decentralized funding platform called OccamRazer. It’s possible to subject next-gen, disruptive Cardano apps to capital raises through OccamRazer’s capabilities.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum (ETH/USD), who also funds cFund personally, said:

“We are excited to see growing funding and utility flowing into Cardano. Empowering the next generation of innovative projects is a key focus for Cardano, and projects like Occam will play a key role in the ongoing development of the ecosystem.”

EMURGO joins cFund as strategic partner

EMURGO, a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain and an international emerging technologies company, will provide expertise to support in its mission to develop the basic components required to catalyse Cardano’s DeFi capabilities.

Mark Berger, President of the Occam Association, said:

“The expertise and value EMURGO bring to the ecosystem is profound. Through our strategic partnership, we will work together for the good of the entire Cardano ecosystem. Our focus is on building and delivering decentralised tools which will eventually rival centralised exchange venues, built specifically for the Cardano blockchain. EMURGO will help us realise this mission more effectively and impactfully for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.”

OccamRazer boasts a feature-rich UX which can accommodate a wide range of fundraising profiles and a full suite of RegTech and compliance tools. It can unlock liquidity in Cardano’s ecosystem along with the other components.

Elliot Hill, Head of Communications at, told Invezz Razer was the company’s best product, adding:

“It’s our flagship product, a decentralized launchpad for Cardano focused projects. They can raise funds through IDOs using OccamRazer. Also in development is OccamX, a DEX, and we also have the cross chain bridge, which allows token swaps from Ethereum to Cardano and vice versa.”