Sports platform GamyFi to choose NFT Battle Royale winner via Chainlink VRF integration

on Aug 2, 2021
  • Guaranteed auditable, tamper-proof source of randomness needed to choose NFT Battle Royale winner
  • Chainlink is the hallmark oracle network for propelling hybrid smart contracts
  • VRF generates cryptographic proof and random number to ensure fair game

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Blockchain gaming and fantasy sports platform GamyFi Platform announced an integration with  Chainlink (LINK/USD) Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on its website today. The integration took place on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. Now, the platform avails of an auditable, tamper-proof source of randomness needed to choose a winner of the NFT Battle Royale game. This results in a fraud-proof, fully transparent, and very exciting user experience.

In NFT Battle Royale, users play against each other using NFT cards. As they upgrade their NFT cards, more and more rewards and new features are unlocked.

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Why Chainlink?

Chainlink is the hallmark oracle network for propelling hybrid smart contracts. Its Decentralized Oracle Networks give programmers access to the biggest collection of safe off-chain computations and high-quality data sources to enhance the capabilities of smart contracts on any blockchain. GamyFi chose Chainlink VRF because it’s supported by Chainlink’s proven oracle infrastructure, based on cutting-edge academic research, and secured by generating and verifying cryptographic proofs that ensure the integrity of each random number assigned to smart contracts.

How does the VRF work?

Chainlink VRF combines the oracle node’s pre-committed private key and block data that was not known upon making the request to generate cryptographic proof as well as a random number. Without valid proof, the GamyFi Platform’s smart contract won’t accept the number. If the VRF process is not tamper-proof, the cryptographic proof can’t be generated. This gives all users verifiable and automated assurance of NFT Battle Royale’s fairness directly on-chain. The outcome cannot be rigged by any external party, the gaming platform’s team, or the oracle.

Guaranteed access to a secure RNG

Without a secure random number generator (RNG), users can’t expect a fair decision because the winner won’t be random. To ensure system integrity and prevent manipulation, a number of security aspects need to be looked at in the context of RNG solutions for smart contracts. For example, blockchain miners can exploit RNG solutions using block hashes and other on-chain data. On the other hand, traditional data providers are not transparent.