Helium raised $111M: is now the perfect time to buy it?

on Aug 11, 2021
  • Helium received $111 million from multiple contributors such as Andreessen Horowitz and others.
  • The HNT token experienced an increase in its trading volume by 441% in the last 24 hours.
  • This growth indicates an increase in demand for hotspots, which will push the price of the token even higher.

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Helium HNT/USD is a decentralized, peer-to-peer 5G wireless network that completed a successful token sale that managed to raise $111 million from a multitude of investors. Some of the contributors included Andreessen Horowitz, Almeda Research, Multicoin Capital, and Rabbit capital. It is expected that cryptocurrencies such as Helium can challenge centralized incumbents and compete with bigger telecommunication service providers. 

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The increased demand for hotspots as a catalyst for growth

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On July 30, Helium saw over 103,000 hotspots connected to its network that mine HNT and provide coverage for Internet of Things devices across the globe. 

This has been considered as one of the biggest factors when it comes to legitimizing the Helium network and its expanding network of nodes. 

This in turn indicates an increase in demand for hotspots, which has resulted in more than 50 hotspot manufacturer applications that have been submitted through the Helium Improvement Proposal (HIP). This signals that the number has the potential of growing even further.

Should you buy Helium (HNT)?

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On August 11, Helium (HNT) had a value of $18.

When we look at its all-time high value as a point of comparison, it rose to $22.31 on May 28. In other words, we can see a 20% difference in value on August 11, where the price has fallen when compared to its all-time high.

To get a heightened perspective of its recent price developments, it is worth analyzing the month of July to see how it performed in terms of value.

The lowest point HNT got throughout July was on July 20 with a value of $9.46, and its highest point was on July 31, with the value going as high as $14.83. Throughout the month, the value has risen by 56%.

When we compare July’s highest value with August 11’s value, we can also see an increase of 21%.

Another important thing to consider is that, within the span of the last 24 hours, the total market capitalization of HNT has increased by 20%, while its trading volume has seen an increase by 441%.

This indicates a heightened interest in the protocol, as well as an increase in the demand for the HNT token, which will surely drive the price up throughout August.

That being the case, through an analysis of its historical value and its increased market cap and trading volume, we can expect the HNT token to increase its price to $22 by the end of August, which makes it a good buy.

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