James Gale: from powering a pest control company to CEO of Koda Cryptocurrency

on Aug 17, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2021
  • Koda Cryptocurrency is on a mission to 'crypto the ‘un-cryptoed’
  • Invezz had an opportunity to chat with Koda CEO James Gale.
  • Gale discusses his background and explains Koda's future plans.

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Koda Cryptocurrency is on a mission to “crypto the ‘un-cryptoed’” by focusing on educational resources through various projects and community channels. The end goal of KODA is to transform the crypto into a transactive currency while simultaneously offering rewards for holding or staking the coin.

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In an interview with Invezz, Koda CEO James Gale shared his thoughts on how his experience in an unrelated field is a tremendous asset and what’s next for the platform.

From pest control to cryptos

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Gale worked at JG Pest Control, one of the largest pest control companies in the United Kingdom. His journey from pest control to cryptos might seem unusual to some. Gale told Invezz in the interview:

“It doesn’t look like a natural jump from a pest control company to a cryptocurrency, don’t get me wrong but there was a lot of sense in it.”

Gale designed the technology platform and marketing that resulted in tremendous growth at JG Pest. He said “investors absolutely love” that he has demonstratable success in business and technology along with a vision on how to generate a similar growth plan.

Another benefit from his background is he gets to work side-by-side with his brother Callum — who also worked at JG Pest Control. 

To round out the upper management roster, Gale brought in Mike Fiebig who has a background in financial services to run business development. In total, Gale manages a team of around 40 people that spans multiple areas of expertise.

“We’ve got people from an IT background here in the office with me and then we’ve got developers all over the world. So it’s sort of built around puling out the strengths of each of those areas and then we slap on top of that, a really sort of classy creative and marketing team as well.”

Future plans for Koda

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Gale said he has been thinking about listing its coin on a global exchange since its launch. Currently, Koda can be bought via PancakeSwap which is a common home for small cryptos before migrating to larger platforms like Binance or Coinbase.

Koda is still in the “infant stages” but the management team is busy building “value behind the scenes,” he said. Current objectives include the launch of a sister token called Koda Apex (KAPEX) that will be fed liquidity from KODA wallet transactions

Koda is also developing its own decentralized exchange called SummitSwap. This would encourage holders to use its exchange rather than encouraging people to go to a different exchange, he said. 

Gale said he expects SummitSwap to launch “hopefully later this year.”

The future of money

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Gale said in a YouTube video that cryptocurrencies are the future of money. When asked to clarify, he told Invezz that he believes money, as we know it today, will “disappear.” The timeline can’t be predicted, but fiat currency will not be around be it in 10, 20, or 50 years.

The technology within the blockchain and behind cryptos, simply put, is superior to what is used in the current financial system, he said.

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