COTI gets listed on Huobi Global and Coinbase Pro: Should you invest?

By: Milko Trajcevski
Milko Trajcevski
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on Aug 27, 2021
  • COTI got listed on Huobi Global and Coinbase Pro.
  • This double listing led to the token exploding in value.
  • COTI is a protocol optimized for decentralized payments with merchants, dApps, and stablecoin issuers.

COTI COTI/USD is an enterprise-level fintech platform intended to help organizations build their solutions when it comes to payments and digitize any currency to save time and money. 

The COTI Group launched in March 2017, while the Staking Platform Launched on January 1, 2020.

The Double-Listing as a catalyst for growth

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COTI got listed on Coinbase Pro, which opened its deposits for the token on August 25, while trading opened on August 26.

This was the first listing, which hyped up a lot of investors in the token. However, it didn’t stop here.

Huobi Global followed suit, and announced that it would also offer the token. It opened its deposits on August 26, where the trading would become available when the deposit volume meets the demand of market trading.

This event marked a huge success for the COTI token, which jumped in value.

Furthermore, COTI aims to emerge as a protocol that is fully optimized for decentralized payments with merchants, dApps, and stablecoins issuers as its natural intended users. 

Given the fact that the cryptocurrency market trend has been moving towards decentralized finance (DeFi), it is fitting that the token is listed on lading exchanges. 

Should you invest in COTI (COTI)?

On August 27, COTI (COTI) was worth $0.361.

To get a clearer perspective on its value, we will be taking a look at its historical performance in July, as well as its all-time high value.

COTI experienced its all-time high value on March 23, where it achieved a value of $0.572. This made the token 37% higher in value.

The highest point in value that COTI got to in July was on July 7, where it got to a value of $0.145.

The lowest point COTI got to in July was on July 20, with a value of $0.089, which was a 38% drop from July 7.

However, it climbed back up slowly, and by July 24, it was back at $0.126, a 41% increase from July 20, and eventually got to its highest point of $0.143, a 60% increase in value from July 20.

On August 26, it would climb to its highest point of $0.485 before falling back down to $0.361 on August 27. This made the token 34% higher in value on August 26 after the double-listing, before its fall on August 27.

However, the token got listed on two separate exchanges at a similar time frame which led to the value climbing high.

That being said, it has the potential to climb a lot higher, given the two new exchange listings and their user bases that can jump into the token now.

With this in mind, COTI has the potential to climb to $0.487 by the end of September.

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