Gemini allows Brave Browser’s users to send BAT into its wallet

on Sep 1, 2021
  • Brave Browser recently revealed its integration with Gemini User Wallet.
  • This means that users can now connect the wallet with their browser and use the coins in both environments.
  • BAT coins, received as rewards for watching ads, can be used both for trading or tipping within the Browser.

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Privacy browser Brave — which allows users to choose whether or not they will view ads, and rewards them if they do — recently deepened its ties to Gemini. The move will allow its users to send Basic Attention Token (BAT/USD), its native cryptocurrency, directly into Gemini’s User Wallet, and either withdraw it or trade it.

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BAT is typically imagined as the coin that Brave users could tip their favorite creators with, and it can be used on a variety of websites at this point. So far, the BAT tokens, that users receive when they watch ads, were stored in Brave’s own wallet, integrated into the browser itself. However, many feel that Gemini will open up additional possibilities.

BAT tokens can now be used on Gemini

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Gemini is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the US, founded by the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron. The exchange also announced its new ties to Brave and BAT, noting that users can choose to either link their existing Gemini account, if they have one, or create a completely new one directly from the Brave Rewards page.

Either way, their BAT balance should show up in their Gemini account, as if the coins were bought on the exchange itself. Naturally, this also means that traders can use Gemini User Wallet to manage their coins, and even to trade them within the exchange, and still use them within the Browser if they wish to tip websites or individual artists and content creators on sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

Brave’s integration with Gemini is a big deal for the project and its users, although it is only the latest wallet with which Brave Rewards has integrated. The project has also partnered with Uphold and bitFlyer in a similar manner. Not to mention that it features widgets for a number of other exchanges, including FTX,, and even Binance — the world’s largest exchange by market cap.

While Brave has been around for several years now, during which it progressed and grew quite a bit — it still falls far behind the biggest browsers in the world, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and alike. Still, it recorded 20 million users last year, which is far from negligible.

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