Revolutionary Nobility token $25K Fortnite tournament: Results

on Sep 28, 2021
  • Tournament featured some of the best Fortnite players in North America
  • FaZe Cented won the biggest prize with a score of 137 points
  • Nobility to introduce annual LAN tournaments to draw attention to main esports content creators

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Nobility, a cryptocurrency token that aims to transform esports landscape by providing the highest quality tournaments, prize pools, and offers, hosted a tournament last weekend, which was streamed on Twitch in collaboration with NobleGG, according to a press release. The tournament featured some of the best Fortnite players in North America. The first prize of $10,000 ultimately went to Faze Cented, but Bugha and Whofishy were hot on their heels at first. All three contenders quickly passed the 100 points mark.

FaZe Cented won with 137 points

FaZe Cented won the biggest prize with a score of 137 points, with only a 5 point difference to the second-ranked participant, Rocaine, with 132 points. Cryp, Whofishy, and Bugha rounded out the top fivev with 129, 128, and 120 points respectively. The total prize fund was $25,000.

About Nobility

Nobility is a token running on Binance Smart Chain, which aims to transform the world of esports by helping content creators earn more from playing the game they love, organizing and providing tournaments with large prize pools, and more use cases that will solve issues within the community. The platform wants to solve issues related to the current limitations of the esports industry by combining use of blockchain tech with the pluses of DeFi to create innovation within the industry. They aim to create a sustainable, balanced, and fair model for all market players.

2% of each transaction that is done with Nobility is allocated for marketing, business development, Esports tournament prize pools, manual burns, community events, charity donations, scholarship funding, giveaways, and more. Another 2% is added to the liquidity pool to help make the market more stable. Finally, 7% is redistributed to qualifying holders in BUSD by weight.  

Goals of the token

Nobility wanted to launch its new cryptocurrency, create a social media presence, and ultimately be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Their initial goal was to create momentum within the esports space, followed by launching tournaments. In quarter 3, their goal was to scale competitions and maintain token utility as well as include their token as a payment option on platforms like Steam and Blizzard. Finally, they want to introduce annual Nobility LAN tournaments to draw attention to the biggest creators of esports content.


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