MakerDAO founder thinks the project can help impact climate change

on Oct 7, 2021
  • Rune Christensen, recently published an essay about his views on the future of the project.
  • He believes that the project should focus on making sure that collateral consists of eco-friendly assets.
  • Furthermore, with ETH moving towards PoS, he believes that Maker should once more rely solely on Ether.

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MakerDAO (MKR/USD) as well as many other crypto projects, is determined to leave its mark on the world, to which its founder, Rune Christensen, just contributed. Christensen published an essay in which he shared some of his views on how Maker can be used as a vehicle for addressing climate change.

The post was published two days ago, on October 5th, on MakerDAO’s governance forum. In it, Christensen pointed out that the project should strive to make sure that all of its collateral is comprised of climate-aligned and sustainable assets. Essentially, he wishes to only use projects that have considered the long-term impacts of their financial activities on the environment and made the changes that would bring negative impacts to a minimum.

He further added that the collateral should be used for investments into sustainable real-world assets by using senior credit positions in projects that focus on green energy. Some examples include wind turbines, solar farms, recharging stations, batteries, and alike. However, he also added supply chains into the mix, as well as sustainable resource extraction, and recycling.

Going back to relying on Ether

Christensen insists that everything that is needed to start scaling the REA exposure to hundreds of billions of dollars, and beyond is already available. It can be done in a secure way, and in full compliance with financial regulations.

Another idea that he expressed is the growing need for Maker to re-establish its commitment to decentralized collateral. In fact, he says that the protocol should go back to relying on Ethereum’s network and token. Initially, ETH was exclusively supported by the protocol, but over time, it has expanded that support to include other assets,

With Ether’s pending transition to Proof-of-Stake, Ethereum (ETH/USD) is expected to become highly energy-efficient — way more than it is right now, and it will become a sustainable contender to Bitcoin’s role as the primary crypto, according to Christensen.


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