Dr Carlos Del Rio: ‘I am not sure we need the Moderna booster’

on Oct 15, 2021
  • The U.S. FDA advisors unanimously voted in favour of Moderna booster shots.
  • Dr Carlos Del Rio discusses the need of boosters on CNBC Worldwide Exchange.
  • He warns that the pandemic is far from over despite the easing restrictions.

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A day after the U.S. FDA advisors unanimously voted in favour of Moderna Inc’s (NASDAQ: MRNA) booster shots, Emory University’s Dr Carlos Del Rio said, “I’m not sure we need the Moderna booster”.

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Dr Rio’s remarks on CNBC’s ‘Worldwide Exchange’

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On CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange”, Dr Rio said the data supporting Moderna booster wasn’t very strong.

Moderna has shown to be more effective and lasting than Pfizer. For that reason, we’re seeing some breakthroughs. So, I think the FDA was convinced that there are some breakthroughs, we have excess vaccine, let’s go ahead and give the boosters.

Moderna is seeking approval for its booster shot for people at occupational risk of exposure, have a higher probability of severe illness, or are aged 65 years or more. Upon FDA approval, the U.S. CDC will meet next week to set the prerequisites for someone to receive the booster shot.

The pandemic is far from over yet

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Dr Rio also warned in his interview with CNBC that COVID related restrictions might be easing, but the pandemic was far from over yet.

The reality is, predicting this virus has been incredibly difficult. If you have a new strain to which there’s not a lot of immunity, there may be another surge this winter when people go indoors in crowded conditions. So, to me, it’s still too early to call victory.

There are roughly 75 million eligible Americans who are still to be vaccinated. Earlier in October, Sweden and Denmark stopped using Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in younger age groups on reports of heart inflammation.

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