Is now the right time to invest in KCS after the social trading features were added?

on Oct 22, 2021
  • KuCoin integrated social trading features on its mobile application.
  • Users can now access trading features through a special space known as KuCoin S.
  • This has the potential to increase the interest in KCS, which will get the value of the token higher.

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KuCoin Token KCS/USD is the native cryptocurrency token of KuCoin that was launched in 2017 as a profit-sharing token. 

The token’s main purpose was to allow traders to draw value from the exchange.

The Introduction of social trading features as a catalyst for growth

KuCoin, on October 22, introduced a number of social trading features specifically tailored towards its mobile application.

The features are currently available on a special space within the app called KuCoin S, and all the eligible users can have an early look at it before the official KuCoin App launch.

KuCoin has the main goal, through this update, to increase user satisfaction as well as live up to the growing demands from the crypto exchange users through social media features.

This will let the exchange target newcomers a lot more efficiently who might have just started getting into the cryptocurrency trading space. 

In any case, all of this increased interest in KuCoin could result in the increase of the value of the KCS token.

Should you invest in KuCoin Token (KCS)?

On October 22, KuCoin (KCS) had a value of $14.75.

To get a better perspective as to what kind of value point this is for the token, we will be comparing it to it’s all-time high value as well as its performance in September.

The all-time high value of KCS was on January 10, 2018, when the token reached a value of $20.17. This means that the token was $5.42 higher in value or by 36% at its all-time high value.

In terms of the performance in September, the token saw a good start with a value of $14.86 on September 7, a value which fell to $9.34 on September 22, which was one of its lowest points of the month.

Here we can see that the token decreased by $5.52 or by 37% throughout September.

However, from September 22 to October 22, the token raised its value by 57% or by $5.41.

With this in mind, the KuCoin (KCS) token has the potential of reaching $17 by the end of October.


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