Flare and Rival enter NFT, utility, and DAO token partnership

By: Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
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on Nov 23, 2021
  • Fans can now buy, sell, wrap and engage as NFTs on Flare’s canary network, Songbird
  • None of the environmental harm typically associated with consensus solutions
  • Rival Platform users receive Flare’s Songbird and FLR token as a reward for gameplay and achievements

Flare, a scalable, low carbon, low cost, highly decentralized smart contract platform that runs on EVM, announced a partnership with Rival, a leading esports, gaming and fan engagement enterprise platform, to become a preferred NFT, utility or DAO token platform for the latter’s NFT marketplace, Invezz learned from a press release.

Fans can trade, wrap, and engage on Songbird  

Fans can now buy, sell, wrap and engage as NFTs on Flare’s canary network, Songbird. Flare’s low carbon footprint and Turing-complete smart contracts allow fans to interact with their favorite teams on the blockchain. This does not come at the expense of the environment because there are no costs typically associated with consensus solutions.

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Rival CEO Matt Virtue commented the partnership:

Partnering with Flare enables Rival to expand its ecosystem and NFT capabilities for our clients across sports, brands and media. This partnership augments the Rival ecosystem and provides additional levers of engagement and community building with one of the fastest growing audience segments in the world.

Rival users rewarded with Flare’s Songbird and FLR token

Rival Platform users will receive Flare’s Songbird and FLR token as a reward for gameplay and achievements. Moreover, they will have access to Bifrost wallets, native to Flare and Songbird, enabling them to access their rewards seamlessly. What’s more, they will be able to trade them for game passes, ticketing, NFTs, and branded client merchandise.

Rival is a community builder

Rival is a US-based community developer with operations all over the world. The new partnership will give clients of the platform access to its offerings all over the world, spanning its global portfolio of organizations, professional sports teams, and media properties.

Hugo Philion, CEO and Co-Founder of Flare said:

This partnership is the perfect match because eSports have exploded in the last few years and now most of the major sports organizations in the world are looking for opportunities in gaming which enable them to truly deepen their fan engagement by enabling a myriad of different use cases for user-generated NFTs.

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