IDEX launches first hybrid liquidity DEX in history

By: Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
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on Dec 1, 2021
  • DEX to protect users from rising gas fees on the Ethereum network
  • The innovative design of the exchange guarantees a unique trading experience
  • Not much has been done so far to address MEV, failed transactions, and other ecosystem issues

Leading DEX IDEX has launched its v3 Hybrid Liquidity DEX on Polygon (MATIC/USD), Invezz learned from a press release. This is the first hybrid liquidity DEX in history. It aims to alleviate issues like slippage, front-running, sandwich attacks, and others typical of the DEX ecosystem. At the same time, it wants to protect users from rising gas fees on the Ethereum (ETH/USD) network.

Unique trading experience

The innovative design of the exchange guarantees a unique trading experience with features typical of both centralized exchanges (CEX) and DEXs, including AMM pool liquidity, improved security, and a high-performance order book.

Addressing persistent issues with DeFi

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Although the TVL of DeFi has almost reached $257 billion, not much has been done to address persistent issues with the ecosystem, including MEV (miner extractable value) and failed transactions.

Uniswap (UNI/USD), a popular Ethereum-based DEX, recently announced it had reduced the number of failed transactions on its platform by 5% (from 11% to 6%). However, more than 100,000 of their transactions failed this week, highlighting the severity of the issue.

Alex Wearn, CEO of IDEX, commented:

DeFi has been hamstrung by issues like gas prices, front-running, and slippage since its inception, yet few solutions have truly offered answers to these problems. The novel Hybrid Liquidity design protects users from these pain points, while simultaneously generating higher returns for liquidity providers to boost the scalability of the wider decentralized economy.

Hamzah Khan, DeFi Lead at Polygon, said:

We are excited to assist IDEX launch its platform on Polygon, and believe it will serve as a catalyst for decentralized applications building on our network. IDEX takes an innovative approach to resolve issues such as front-running and failed trades, which helps drive significant value for traders.

New exchange combines AMM pools and order book to protect users  

IDEX’ v3 Hybrid Liquidity combines automated market maker (AMM) liquidity pools and an order book to protect members of its community from the pitfalls of AMM by executing instant trades against the best possible combination of pooled liquidity and limit orders.

This approach allows for advanced trades, generates higher returns for liquidity providers, and ensures fair, real-time trade execution.

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