Dan Larimer and EOS community rebuild network

By: Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
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on Jan 20, 2022
  • Larimer is the 'father' of the EOSIO architecture
  • Mandel code fork is the shortest path to EOS independence
  • Dispute between the ENF and Block.One has been resolved

Original EOS (EOS/USD) architect Dan Larimer, who has left Block.One, and EOS Network Foundation (ENF) are rebuilding and redesigning the EOS network, Invezz learned from a press release.

Dan Larimer, widely recognized as the father of the EOSIO architecture and the EOS network, has been an active and autonomous member of the EOS community after resigning from Block.One.

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Larimer working on Mandel code fork  

Larimer recently announced he was collaborating with the ClarionOS team on the Mandel codebase, which will replace EOS’s old code repository. He said:

The Mandel code fork is the shortest path to EOS independence. It is the first step on a multi-year plan to revitalize EOS. I’m excited to partner with the ENF and I have never been more optimistic about the future vision for EOS. It is on the path to becoming the DAO of DAOs where new users won’t have to pay for accounts and countless people will be rewarded for contributing and inviting others who do the same!

Dispute between Block and ENF resolved

The dispute between the ENF and Block.One has been resolved. On December 8, ENF stopping making block reward payments to Block.One. They received $21 million in funding directly from the EOS community recently.

Two major upgrades expected

The EOS blockchain has largely remained unchanged for two years with the exception of several minor upgrades. Larimer and his team will fork the EOSIO codebase into a new repository called Mandel. At first, two major upgrades will take place: Mandel 2.3 and Mandel 3.0.

Mandel 2.3 is the natural successor of EOSIO 2.2. It will be possible to launch Mandel 3.0 through funding of 200,000 EOS, which the ENF will give Larimer.  

ENF lead Yves La Rose said:

Taking over the EOSIO codebase is a top priority for the ENF. Partnering with Dan Larimer, the original architect of the EOS software, was a natural first step in accomplishing that goal. Since resigning from Block.One a year ago, Dan Larimer and his team of engineers at ClarionOS have remained as key active members of the EOS community. With the team and the rest of the EOSIO family, we will put an end to the technical stagnation that EOS has suffered under Block.One’s leadership.

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