Intuit announced Q2 results. What should you do?

on Feb 25, 2022
  • Intuit announced Q2 revenues at $2.673 billion representing a 70% increase from a similar period last year.
  • The EPS was announced at $1.55 below market expectations of $1.83.
  • The share price has been crashing to the current $497 price level & may trend lower due to the war in Ukraine.

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Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ:INTU) results come after it gave conservative guidance on growth in revenues earlier on February 14th. While the revenues indicate a 70% growth from a similar period last year, INTU still performed below market expectations. The EPS was previously projected at $1.83 only to come out at $1.55.

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Despite a slow Q2, INTU maintains strong guidance for 2022. The lower EPS for Q2, however, sends signals to the market that the company may not meet its guidance.

It is possible that the company may reverse the surprise result posted in 2021, pushing the EPS to levels close to or below $1, consistent with the long-term trend. Investors would, therefore, be a bit skeptical in dealing with INTU shares that have been crashing.

INTU shares crash to $497

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Source – TradingView

The 10-day average at $542 is moving towards convergence with MA 50 at $526. With the most recent price at $497.13, analysis shows that INTU shares are in for a long and painful crash. The market has been trending downwards since the beginning of the year.

INTU, with slightly higher-than-market beta, may also decline as the market responds to the unfolding war in Ukraine. It is recommended to sell INTU shares at the current prices.


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INTU announced results showing EPS at $1.55 against the $1.83 expectation. The war in Ukraine adds to the downward market pressure experienced in the past few weeks. INTU is a strong sell at the price of $497.

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