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vEmpire launches new blockchain-based P2E game

on Feb 25, 2022
  • You battle strategically to earn rewards in the DDAO
  • Almost 200,000 games and 3.7 million cards played
  • In-game boosts give players a competitive battle edge

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Decentralized metaverse vEmpire DDAO has launched “The Beginning,” a blockchain-based two-player play to earn trading card game, Invezz learned from a press release. In this game, you battle strategically to earn rewards in the DDAO.

A lucrative card game

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Players can choose their faction, after which they’re matched with someone playing the opposite one automatically. Both players can use 12 universal cards. Moreover, each faction has up to forty cards specific to it. You need to choose 25 cards from your deck when it comes to battle. This comprises your “Legion”.

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3.7M cards played  

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Players have tested the game in various simulations, with almost 200,000 games and 3.7 million cards played. According to the tests, The Beginning has a carefully weighted balance of strength and effects.

Each player is dealt 15 random cards from their Legion. The rest are put into their “Battle Deck”. Some cards come with special features that allow players to dip into the deck and get cards that they were not dealt initially.

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Dominic Ryder, CEO & Founder of vEmpire DDAO said:

The full play-to-earn release of vEmpire: ‘The Beginning’ marks a monumental milestone for the project. It will enable vEmpire investors to earn even more lucrative returns from the DDAO, which has exposure to some of the most promising Metaverse protocols throughout the entire industry, marking the dawn of an entirely new possibility of playing to earn.

How to play

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A virtual coin is flipped to start the game and the winner plays the first card. Then, players take turns placing their cards. The game ends when the cards finish or both players decide to end it. You play three rounds in total. The goal is to win two of three, like tennis sets.

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The players discard all the cards on the battlefield at the end of each round. Subsequent rounds are played with the cards that remain in the player’s hand. Players will need to strategically keep cards in reserve to be competitive in later rounds. A player who runs out of cards before the game finishes might lose the game because they forfeit the preceding rounds.

In-game boosts

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In-game boosts give players a competitive battle edge. If they’re holding a card in their legion in the wallet they’re using to play, they get enhanced versions as in-game boosts. To be eligible for this, the players must hold Founding Soldiers NFTs. However, boosts do not determine the outcome of the game.

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