Adobe’s Behance allows people to showcase Solana NFTs

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on Mar 7, 2022
  • Adobe’s Behance has announced the integration of the Phantom wallet.
  • Through this integration, users can showcase their Solana NFTs on their profile.
  • Adobe already has such a feature for Ethereum NFTs.

Adobe Behance is initiating support for the Phantom wallet. This integration will make it easier for people to showcase their non-fungible tokens created on the Solana blockchain on their Behance profiles.

This is the latest integration of one of the leading players in the creative space and the NFT sector. Over the past year, many creatives have been turning towards NFTs as a way of gaining control over their work.

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Adobe’s Behance supports Phantom wallet

Will Allen, the VP of Product at Adobe noted,

Our mission at [Behance] has been steadfast for well over a decade: help creatives build their careers on their own terms. Some freelance, some want full-time gigs, some offer subscriptions, some sell templates, some livestream, and others sell NFTs.

Adobe already has a feature allowing users to showcase the NFTs minted on the Ethereum (ETH/USD) blockchain. However, there has been a growing concern over the high-energy usage on the Ethereum network and the high gas fees. However, the Solana (SOL/USD) blockchain addresses all these challenges.

“A shoutout to the entire [QuickNode] team for helping us build out this feature on #Solana-they’ve been fantastic partners,” Allen added.

Various reports have stated that one transaction on the Solana blockchain consumes the same energy as one Google search. Moreover, the transaction cost is still a fraction of a penny. This has drawn more developers towards the Solana blockchain, and it currently ranks as one of the largest proof-of-stake networks.

Adobe ventures into the crypto space

This is not the first time that Adobe is venturing into the NFT sector has provided many benefits for creatives, but it also possess a risk of these creative works being stolen or duplicated. Adobe has developed a feature that will allow these developers to preserve their NFT works.

Last year, Will Allen, the VP of product at Adobe, had announced the partnership between Behance and some of the leading NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible and SuperRare. This partnership deal seeks to allow users to authenticate their NFT work and solve one of the largest issues plaguing the burgeoning NFT sector.

“Today is a big milestone for [ContentAuth]: you can now add tamper-evident artwork provenance to your images in photoshop. When you publish your work to somewhere like [Behance], the world can now have extra assurance you are the authentic creator,” Allen said at the time.

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