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Cartesi rebrands as blockchain OS, brings new possibilities to the public

on Mar 7, 2022
  • Cartesi was conceived as a trustless AI marketplace for data scientists
  • They blended a newer, more appealing style with a strong brand line: the first-ever blockchain OS
  • You can now program blockchain applications on Linux

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Cartesi was founded in 2018 by Erick de Moura, Augusto Teixeira, Diego Nehab and Colin Steil. It was conceived as a trustless AI marketplace for data scientists. Teixeira was academic co-author with Serguei Popov, the founder of IOTA (MIOTA/USD). Serguei became one of Cartesi’s earliest investors and advisors.

Cartesi created an open and accessible brand

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Cartesi set out to transform a brand founded on complex technology for tech insiders into a brand that was open and accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, Invezz learned from a press release first published on aggregator

They ended up blending a newer, more appealing style with a strong brand line: the first-ever blockchain OS. The OS is a catalyst for empowerment, bringing blockchain possibilities to the public. The new brand uses contrasting messages and balanced colors: colder blues with warmer yellows.

Blockchain OS is bringing Linux to blockchain

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Cartesi is transferring an established operating system to the blockchain. You can now program blockchain applications on Linux. This revolutionary approach serves as a springboard for the next million developers to join the blockchain space.

Previously, it was not possible to code with existing libraries, services, and software stacks on the blockchain. Developers had to watch blockchain evolve and wait for the right time to step in.

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Cartesi CEO Erick de Moura commented:

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When we go from Web2 to Web3, we don’t have a proper operating system. Developers are left with a much more primitive environment for their applications. They don’t have the languages, they don’t have the tools, they don’t have the components that have been evolving through the work of thousands of other developers over 30 years, and they have to reinvent the wheel. What we’re trying to do with Cartesi is to bring back a proper OS to Web3, to blockchain, and with that, really help to unlock the network effects that we are waiting to see.

New brand values

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The Blockchain OS is open to people who want to create applications that will open up the opportunities of blockchain to the masses for a better, more just future. Diego Nehab added:

What the OS, and blockchain movement in general, wants to bring is openness and to make sure that technology is not under the control of any authority – you don’t have to trust whoever is running the OS. Cartesi is trying to narrow this gap as much as possible so that the applications that people come up with will be doable, at least most of them.


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