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Binance delists LUNA Perpetual Contracts

on May 12, 2022
  • Binance Futures cut the leverage of USDT-margined contracts
  • The maximum leverage of the perpetual contracts has been limited to 8x
  • Further changes can be expected

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Binance Futures carried out automatic settlements on the coin-margined Perpetual Contracts of Terra (LUNA/USD) and delisted them today, the exchange posted on its website. To avoid automatic settlement, users were advised to close any open positions before the delisting.

Exchange updated leverage and margin tiers

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Binance Futures updated the leverage of the USDT-margined contracts. Now, the maximum leverage of the perpetual contracts has been limited to 8x, down from 21-25x. The change took effect around 8 AM UTC.

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Each tier has seen adjustments to its maximum leverage and initial margin rate. Positions created prior to the update were not affected.

Binance points out that they reserve the right to make further changes to the margin tiers and max leverage tiers for USDT-Margined LUNA Perpetual Contracts without notice.

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