Ankr and announce advanced validator technology integration

on Sep 14, 2022
  • Partnership will improve validator performance and risk management
  • Increased monetary safety for all holders of Ankr liquid-staked derivatives
  • Staking is worth $9 billion, predicted to reach $20 billion after the Ethereum merge

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Multichain Web3 and DeFi infrastructure provider Ankr and distributed validator technology infrastructure protocol announced a strategic partnership, under which the former will integrate the latter’s advancements to improve validator performance and risk management, Invezz learned from a press release.

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Increased monetary safety

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The combination of Ankr Liquid Staking with this technology will lead to increased monetary safety for all holders of Ankr liquid-staked derivatives. In the near future, Ankr will continue to expand its validator and operator bases in tandem with for effective and timely integration into the protocol’s distributed node operator network. Lead Alon Muroch commented:

We are excited to have Ankr as part of the SSV ecosystem. Ankr were one of the first Ethereum liquid staking pools in the space; their team has incredible tech foresight and the ability to execute fast. The same applies to their decision to become early adopters of DVT and build a next-gen staking pool on top of This is going to take staking to the next level.

A $9b business to reach $40b in 2025

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Currently, the market is showing rising interest in liquid staking solutions. At the moment, staking is worth $9 billion and is predicted to reach $20 billion after the Ethereum merge. It might go up to $40 billion by 2025 if the trend remains stable and proof of stake comes to dominate as a protocol.

Ankr Chief of DeFi Filipe Gonçalves added:

Ankr’s partnership with provides everything that our users desire from liquid staking – the highest levels of security and decentralization with stable and attractive yields. As the demand for staking increases, we will scale alongside it with the ability to provide staking rewards to any number of new users.

Ankr promotes liquid staking as a way to free up crypto market capital. has the technology to provide node operators and stakers with a superior experience. By merging Ankr’s liquid staking infrastructure with’s Distributed Validator Technology model, the next generation of liquid staking protocols will be created.

Ankr and can improve security, decentralization, and accessibility for node operators and stakers globally, thereby building the future of liquid staking.

About SSV technology

SSV, which is short for Secret Shared Validator, guarantees a failsafe node operation system by allowing validator nodes to split keys among four different operators. It also promotes decentralization, client diversity, and fault tolerance while mitigating downtime and slashing risks.

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