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1INCH price movement after 1inch partnership with Revolut

on Nov 2, 2022
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  • 1inch launches a “Learn and Earn” course with Revolut to educate newcomers in DeFi.
  • In the past week, the 1INCH cryptocurrency increased in value by 8%.
  • While trading at $0.596, 1INCH is a solid buy as it can increase in value by the end of November.

1inch (1INCH/USD) network announced the launch of the crypto “Learn & Earn” course as a part of Revolut’s education program run with various partners.

1inch is essentially a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator solution that seeks deals across a multitude of different liquidity sources, with the goal of offering users better rates than any individual exchange. 

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It features the Pathfinder algorithm to find the best paths across numerous liquidity sources of a variety of different blockchains, and 1INCH as a token can facilitate liquidity mining through token staking.

The partnership with Revolut as a catalyst for growth

In the latest crypto news, on October 31, 2022, 1inch Network published an official announcement surrounding their latest partnership.

The course offered here masters key fundamentals that are vital for understanding the crypto space, including how DEXes work, how the Pathfinder algorithm lets users get the best swap rates, and how the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is managed.

Furthermore, DeFi basics are also covered to prepare users to engage with the platform.

The “Earn” part of the platform includes a reward for those who complete the lessons in the form of 1INCH tokens, which get added to the crypto balance of Revolut users. 

Should you buy 1inch (1INCH)?

On November 2, 2022, 1inch (1INCH) had a value of $0.596.

1INC/USD Chart by Tradingview.

The all-time high point of value for 1inch (1INCH) occurred on October 27, 2021, when the cryptocurrency reached a value of $8.65. Here we can see that at its ATH, the token was trading $8.054 higher in value, or 1,351% higher.

When we go over the performance of the cryptocurrency in the last seven days, 1inch (1INCH) had its low point at $0.588533, while its high point was at $0.634621. Here we can see an increase in value of $0.046088 or by 8%.

However, once we take a look at the 24-hour performance, we can see that the low point was at $0.594893, while the high point was at $0.622784. Here, we can see another increase in value of $0.027891 or by 5%.

With this in mind, we can expect 1INCH to climb to $0.8 in value by the end of November 2022, meaning that investors might want to buy 1INCH while its value is at this point.