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Multichain wallet Blocto announced a $3 million Aptos Ecosystem Fund

on Nov 3, 2022
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  • Blocto has surpassed 300K Aptos wallet users in its first week since its integration.
  • The fund will help onboard new users to Blocto wallet.
  • The fund will provide financial support to promising Aptos projects.

Multichain crypto wallet Blocto has launched a $3 million Aptos Ecosystem Fund to help new Aptos users onboard. The news comes days after Blocto’s successful integration of Aptos.

Blocto has already seen more than 300K Aptos users set up Aptos wallets within the first week. Setting up an Aptos wallet on Blocto takes less than 30 seconds after the integration. With the integration of Aptos and the streamlining of the onboarding process, Blocto was able to surpass 1.4 million users in October keeping Portto, Blocto’s parent company profitable despite the current market turmoil across the crypto industry.

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Furthering Web3’s mass adoption

The fund is a continuation of Blocto’s support for the Aptos ecosystem’s promising projects that share a common mission with Blocto in furthering Web3 mass adoption.

Commenting on the decision to integrate Aptos, Blocto’s co-founder Hsuam Lee said:

“We’ve been on the lookout for promising blockchain ecosystems with long-term potential, and Aptos has caught our attention. It aims to make blockchain accessible for average users — a big focus for us at Blocto — and has accumulated a lot of momentum in the dev community, even in the current market situation… We share the same vision with Aptos in aiming to bring blockchain applications to mass-market adoption. With the security and performance provided by Aptos, empowered by Blocto’s user-friendly onboarding UX and UI, we are expecting prosperous ecosystem growth in the future.”

On the other hand, in acknowledging Blocto’s support, Aptos co-founder and CEO, Mo Shaikh stated:

“Aptos places a laser focus on user experience, and we are happy to have Blocto join the Aptos ecosystem to reinforce this for the community.”

Blocto to support Aptos projects

In addition to funding, Blocto will also support promising Aptos projects during the user acquisition phase.

Select Aptos teams will also gain access to Blocto’s in-house and external investor base, and financial marketing support and also get to communicate with Blocto’s developer team. With such support, the select Aptos projects will be able to grow faster and attract new clients to their apps, Blocto, as well as to the wider Aptos ecosystem.