SubQuery extends data indexing provision to Flare Network 

on Dec 1, 2022
  • SubQuery announces extension of data indexing provision to Flare Network
  • Partnership to give programmers access to decentralized interoperability architecture
  • SubQuery experience to help Flare Network developers

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SubQuery has announced an extension of its data indexing provision to Flare Network, a blockchain seeking to connect everything. A grant from the Flare Ecosystem Support Programme to SubQuery made the partnership possible.

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Partnership to give programmers access to decentralized interoperability architecture

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With Flare, programmers have access to a straightforward and cohesive architecture for decentralized interoperability, enabling dApps to support various chains with a unified deployment. In addition, this cross-chain strategy aligns with SubQuery’s ongoing mission to establish itself as the go-to blockchain indexing solution for web3 programmers.

In addition to having native information and communication architecture integrated into the blockchain, Flare enables EVM-based smart contracts. It offers dApps decentralized pricing feeds and safe state acquisitions from different blockchains. In order to attain trustless connectivity, Flare is developing the capability to establish multilateral, decentralized, and guaranteed bridges between various blockchain networks.

Flare CEO and co-founder Hugo Philion said,

We admire SubQuery’s decentralized data indexing solutions and are excited for them to launch on Flare mainnet. This will complete another important piece of Flare’s developer engagement strategy.

Developers designing apps on various layer-1 blockchain technologies, such as Polkadot, Cosmos ecosystem, Avalanche, and Algorand can use SubQuery’s decentralized data indexing architecture. It assists programmers in creating APIs in a matter of hours and swiftly indexes chains with dictionaries as a quick and versatile open data indexer.

With SubQuery, programmers may manage, maintain, and query on-chain information for their networks and apps. SubQuery was designed for multi-chain apps. SubQuery enables developers to concentrate on the user experience and product development by removing the customized data processing infrastructure requirement.

SubQuery experience to help Flare Network developers

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SubQuery Technology Evangelist Marta Adamczyk said,

We’re proud to be supporting teams building on Flare Network with our fast, flexible and universal indexing solution. We are excited to deliver another integration that enables Flare developers to index their data faster and easier, and build complex dApps with the help of SubQuery.

The SubQuery experience will benefit Flare Networks developers with tools, open-source SDK, developer support, documentation and other support the SubQuery ecosystem will provide. In addition, SubQuery’s managed service, which offers enterprise-level technology services and manages more than 400 million requests daily, is able to support Flare Network.

Before decentralizing and tokenizing the system to create the SubQuery Network, SubQuery has started working on launching the Kepler canary network.


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