Experts predict a potential 300% rise in Metacade (MCADE) Presale

on Dec 16, 2022
  • Metacade is building the biggest arcade on the blockchain
  • The project could help to cultivate the future of blockchain gaming
  • The MCADE token presale is a high-potential investment opportunity

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Have you ever wanted to be more than just a player in your favourite game? To have a say in how the game is developed, and to earn rewards for your time and effort? That’s exactly what Metacade is striving to achieve with its blockchain-based gaming platform.

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By harnessing the power of the Ethereum blockchain, Metacade is delivering a gaming experience like no other. This is a platform where players can enjoy a vast array of Play-to-Earn titles and earn MCADE tokens in the process. With so many exciting features on offer, it’s no surprise that the MCADE presale is expected to skyrocket into the stratosphere.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

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Metacade is creating the world’s biggest arcade on the blockchain and can deliver advanced Play-to-Earn capabilities. Players will gain unprecedented access to GameFi functionality and Metacade’s additional features are destined to make it popular among the crypto community.

The Metacade platform provides an endless list of different Play-to-Earn games for GameFi players to enjoy with each having integrated earning potential. Rewards will be paid in MCADE tokens, providing an advanced incentive structure that can create a deeper sense of progression for gamers across the world.

Metacade is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which enables it to leverage the advanced smart contract functionality that Ethereum is known for. This allows for a truly decentralised gaming experience where players are in control of their own data and can earn rewards while playing a range of arcade-style games.

More Power Back to Players

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Metacade is a community-focused project, which means that the community will have a say in how the project is governed. Over time, the Metacade project will become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that allows MCADE holders to directly influence the direction taken by the project through governance voting.

Metacade’s democratic approach taken by its DAO will ensure that the project always puts the needs of its players first. Blockchain gamers can meet in Metacade and collaborate on brand-new GameFi projects, deciding which titles gain funding for their future releases. The Metagrants program hands extensive influence to players, who will have a direct hand in the future of the blockchain gaming industry.

As well as this, Metacade offers a unique way to incentivise the community to get together and share all the latest knowledge about up-and-coming blockchain games. Contributing to the community has never been more valuable, as MCADE tokens can be earned for helping out like-minded players on their journey into Web3. This feature of the Metacade platform is an innovative method of driving community involvement and can form the foundation of a healthy community dynamic for years into the future.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

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The Metacade project aims to spearhead the expansion of GameFi. Blockchain gaming is an innovative alternative to traditional gaming platforms, offering capabilities that simply cannot be matched by off-chain titles. These games deliver substantial earning potential, giving players a chance to earn a real income while having fun online.

There are currently over 3 billion active gamers around the world today – almost HALF the total living human population! For such a monumental industry, the Play-to-Earn feature offers something different and inherently attractive. Metacade delivers on this earning potential to its full extent, offering a broad range of arcade-style games alongside new ways to connect the gaming community online.

High-Potential Presale

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The MCADE token has just started its presale event, which means all crypto investors have a massive opportunity to get involved early doors. The project has extremely high potential over the next few years but its unique tokenomics design ensures that it can deliver a high return during the short term as well.

With 70% of the tokens unlocked for its presale, Metacade is offering investors the chance to gain a huge stake in the project before it launches the world’s biggest on-chain arcade. During the presale, the price of the token will rise from $0.008 to $0.02 per token. With this in mind, many investors are jumping into the presale intending to make some significant gains during the bear market. 

With the rest of the crypto markets struggling to recover after a lengthy downturn in 2022, many investors are keen to get involved. Projects like Metacade represent prime long-term holding opportunities but the team have also created a scenario that can massively benefit crypto investors during these poor market conditions.

It remains to be seen exactly how well Metacade will perform, but it certainly looks good so far. It could be a strong addition to the portfolio for anyone that appreciates crypto projects with strong fundamentals.
You can participate in the MCADE presale here.