Crypto News Predictions – Metacade Leads the Way in 2023

on Jan 30, 2023
Updated: Feb 1, 2023
  • Metacade is an exciting and innovative new project set to disrupt Web3 gaming
  • The project has attracted tonnes of attention due to its huge P2E arcade concept
  • Metacade presale is selling out rapidly as investors jump on board in 2023

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Investors understand that finding the best cryptocurrency to invest in out of the thousands of projects out there is a grail hunt. With plenty of ambiguous crypto news predictions and reporting, it can become a serious challenge to uncover the gems hidden amongst the plain.

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There is one project, though, that is showing clear signs of establishing itself as a leader, not only at the start of 2023 but perhaps for the crypto space as a whole. Metacade is a new and disruptive project that is making a splash across seasoned investment circles, as savvy investors rush to put the project on their buy lists for 2023.

Metacade’s presale is reflecting this intense level of interest, with the project raising a staggering $4.9 million in just 10 weeks. This performance is a result of the awesome potential behind the project, under close review since the launch of its detailed whitepaper, which outlines some exciting and innovative plans ready to lift off.

Metacade is a new crypto star in the making

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The start of 2023 has led to a great deal of reporting on crypto news predictions and investment reviews, but Metacade is a rare example of a project which has been able to pull together all of the pieces in a comprehensive, strategic plan. It’s allowing investors to grasp the potential of the project, resulting in an extremely fast-selling presale.

The platform is focused on the intersection of Web3 with gaming, with the project working towards securing a slice of a total addressable market of over $200 billion and growing. While the gaming industry may be well-established, it continues to face problems with users disengaging, due to dominant corporate interests.

Metacade, in releasing a huge GameFi ecosystem with a flagship play-to-earn arcade, looks set to upend the traditional process, putting power back into the hands of those who really deserve it — the gaming community themselves.

Confidence in the project is clear, with Metacade already raising funds at an incredible rate and defying the outlook in most crypto news predictions, and gaining recognition across social media. Investors are rightly impressed with the depth of design found throughout its ecosystem, as it offers clear advantages in terms of engagement across the platform.

What is Metacade?

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Metacade has set its ambitions on building the largest play-to-earn gaming arcade in the metaverse, allowing users to earn income as they play exciting titles across a varied range of different gaming genres.

The ecosystem boasts an extensive and well-integrated rewards system, allowing users to earn rewards for activities within the Metacade platform. Naturally, users can earn via the play-to-earn arcade, but they can also partake in competitive gaming and tournament play if it suits their preferred play styles.

There are even rewards available for users who want to contribute to the community aspects of the Metacade ecosystem, with activities like writing game reviews and sharing alpha all proving a viable means of securing the platform’s native token – MCADE.

How does it work?

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As a project with an extremely rich feature set, Metacade required the creation of a robust utility token to effectively consolidate the ecosystem. MCADE is that token and one of its purposes is as the currency of the platform, with use cases ranging from competitive tournament entry all the way to buying merchandise. 

The MCADE token is also eligible for staking, creating a fantastic investment prospect as holders are able to set up a passive income stream while simultaneously supporting the project. This high level of utility makes MCADE a true contender for the best cryptocurrency right now.

The project also boasts an audit from market-leading Web3 auditor Certik, providing further reassurance to investors that they are in safe hands with the Metacade team.

As if the project weren’t already compelling enough, there is another reason that MCADE is seeing such positive coverage in crypto news predictions. The Metagrants program allows game developers to submit their ideas to the Metacade community, with MCADE token holders being able to vote on which projects should be funded. This allows gamers to directly influence the platform, ensuring maximum engagement over the long term.

MCADE – A rare chance to get in early on a crypto unicorn

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Metacade is an incredible project, and with the presale offering MCADE tokens at a huge discount on what is the best cryptocurrency right now, it’s sure to sell out fast. For those that act quickly enough to secure a bag, an exciting 2023 awaits!

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.