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Metacade price prediction: Presale demand pushing MCADE higher

on Mar 13, 2023
  • Metacade has raised $9.3 million in its initial five stages of presale.
  • The arcade is backed by real-world use cases and has a variety of ways to earn rewards.
  • MCADE’s medium price prediction is $0.5 in the medium term with a potential to rise to $1 in the longer term.

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Metacade (MCADE), a play-to-earn social hub, isn’t slowing down. The GameFi arcade raised an impressive $9.3 million for its first five stages of the presale.

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Starting at just $0.008, MCADE’s price has risen to $0.017 in the current sixth presale stage. In its final presale stage, the price is expected at $0.020, preparing it for listing on major exchanges. If you want to join the presale you can do so here.

Will Metacade reach $1 by 2024?

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It is hard to predict the likely price of MCADE by the start of 2024. However, with the growing demand for the token, a price of $1 is attainable, although this could be over-ambitious. 

Already, the token’s price is expected to end presale at $0.020. As the token hits major exchanges, the MCADE price would in theory move higher by default of exposure to a much higher investor base.

So, what does it take to reach $1? The math behind such a move implies MCADE price must shoot by 4,900%. Is this realistic? Perhaps the better question to ask is what can be expected based on similar tokens that attracted a following during the presale process and built momentum over time.

We have seen from other successful presale tokens in the market, percentage returns of 1,000% – 2,000%. As such, a MCADE price of $0.50 by the end of 2023 is a more realistic possibility with the potential to hit $1 over the coming years.

Metacade is incomparable to most platforms and is already generating unprecedented demand. The project is crafted from a reassuring whitepaper. For example, the whitepaper explains the revenue generation strategies for the Metacade community and investors. There is also a clear roadmap on how the project will come to reality, allowing investors to follow through.

Consequently, the project has attracted praise from industry experts and speculators alike, which has enabled its team to conduct a successful presale so far. Investors are treated to a myriad of earning opportunities and rewards, making it one of the most in-demand GameFi platforms ever. 

What is Metacade, and how does it work?

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Metacade is a disruptive Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform that enables users to play arcade games and get rewards. The rewards are given in the form of crypto tokens which the players can cash out or use on the platform. 

Metacade works similarly to other P2E platforms. As a player, you collect crypto token rewards for being successful in games and competitions. For Metacade, MCADE is the native token that powers the ecosystem.

However, Metacade has other exciting ways for players to earn rewards, including Create2Earn, Compete2Earn, and Work2Earn. Metacade community members can also stake the native token and enter regular price draws to boost their earnings. 

Metacade price prediction

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We undoubtedly haven’t seen the best of GameFi, as the strong growth of 2021 was immediately met with the prolonged bear market of 2022 and early 2023. In 2023, the market is showing enthusiasm again, and it is expected that GameFi will dominate, with platforms such as Metacade leading. 

Despite the market experiencing turmoil, the outlook is positive for the GameFi market. A potential recovery in crypto in 2023 is expected to boost GameFi and unlock a projected annual growth rate of 20.4% over the next six years. Overall, the industry is estimated to climb to a $2.8 billion valuation by 2028.

However, projects that win in the GameFi sector are expected to be those offering quality over quantity. MCADE offers both, a reason for investors to be excited about its future. 

From a fundamental perspective, MCADE has an incredible offer in the market. Aside from the platform’s huge earnings, investors are drawn to its investor-focused projects. Such is the case of the Megagrants initiative, which will be a source of funding for game developers building projects on the platform. 

Going by the above, MCADE could rise to and above $1, although this is likely in the longer term. A short-term to medium-term price prediction of at least 10x is more realistic when the token enters major exchanges. So far, early investors have grabbed over 100% gain throughout the presale process, making a 10x return very realistic in a few months going into the future.

Should I invest in MCADE token now?

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At the current price of $0.017, buying MCADE is attractive. The token is expected to return by around 17.6% by the time the presale stage ends.

From history, popular tokens hit new heights when they are listed on exchanges. As a result, this could be the right time to invest in MCADE before the price skyrockets. But aside from the potential return from speculation, MCADE has a real-world innovative use case that makes it an investment of a lifetime.