VIDEO: Crypto venture capitalism

on Mar 21, 2023
  • Crypto venture capitalism has sprung up in the last few years alongside the nascent industry
  • Mint Ventures is a research-driven venture firm specialising in crypto and blockchain
  • Brand Director Blair Zhu joins the Invezz podcast to discuss all things crypto

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Both cryptocurrency and venture capitalism are highly volatile sectors. Put them together and you’ve got a lot to talk about, to say the least. 

On the latest episode of the Invezz podcast, I interviewed Blair Zhu, Brand Director at crypto venture firm Mint Ventures. 

With several research papers published in the past, Blair and Mint dive into the latest trends and try to use a research-driven approach to get a gauge on the market. 

On the podcast, I asked her about a whole bunch of topics. The torrid year that was 2022 was tough to avoid, and we discussed the effects on the entire industry and how this impacted the venture side of things. 

I also asked Blair about the dark side of crypto. We discussed the legacy of the scandals of last year, including FTX crash, Celsius bankruptcy and UST death spiral. We also chatted about “rule-breakers”, as Blair diplomatically put them, within the venture industry. 

I asked Blair about what trends she was seeing, and how she affects the space to move going forward. She mentioned the recent regulatory developments and some of the knock-on effects this would have. 

Elaborating on this, we talked about the stablecoin industry and how the ever-changing regulatory landscape affects things. Blair also said that she was not ready to give up on the crypto dream of a (working) decentralised stablecoin. 

We touched on DeFi and Ethereum, including discussing whether the latter would always remain dominant. And, of course, we talked some Bitcoin

In truth, this was a discussion which touched upon a lot of what is currently happening in the crypto industry. 

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