Metacade investment opportunity: less than 1% remains to close the presale

on Mar 22, 2023
  • Metacade presale is 99.16% done
  • The platform fuses gaming and finance and offers numerous ways to earn
  • MCADE is expected to skyrocket when listed on exchanges

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Metacade (MCADE) is gearing for an exciting moment – getting listed on exchanges and the price potentially skyrocketing. 

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The Metacade (MCADE) presale is now 99.16% complete through the 7th presale stage, with only 0.84% left. Demand has remained high since the initial presale price of $0.008, and the token now goes for $0.0185.

Analysts have projected that the play-to-earn (P2E) social hub token will surge strongly as it hits on exchanges. You can join the presale here to ride on the bullish trends once the presale is over. 

What is Metacade, and how does it change the industry?

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Metacade is a P2E arcade and a comprehensive gaming ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users earn crypto tokens by playing arcade games. It is meant to be a self-sustainable ecosystem, utilizing its treasury reserve for rewards and redevelopment. 

Metacade is unique because it is the first truly community-led arcade. It gives users new experiences where they can play, earn, connect, and build collectively. The arcade offers numerous ways to earn – Creat2Earn, Compete2Earn, Work2Earn, and staking- attracting investors keen to grow earnings.

How does Metacade work?

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MCADE powers Metacade, a coin to be used for on-chain transactions that will also power developmental activity on the platform.

The native token can be generated internally or externally. Internally, tokens are generated from the community via pay-to-play titles or staking.

Externally, Metacade allows advertisement on the hub as a revenue-generating opportunity. Gaming companies will also be charged for launching their releases via Metacade’s launchpad, while Web 3.0 companies can use the platform to post jobs. The gig-type jobs will be available to the Metacade community.

Going forward, Metacade wants to make its community members core to the platform. There are plans for the platform to become a fully-fledged DAO by the end of 2024. It means that governance on Metacade will be fully decentralized, conferring more rights and opportunities for members.

Does Metacade offer a great investment opportunity?

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Very few projects have attracted the interest that Metacade has in just their presale stages. Those that have matched this interest have gone on to rise by up to four-digit percentages after the presale. MCADE can repeat this trend, with the presale demand showing history is likely to repeat itself. If you want to learn more or take part in the presale stage, you can find more information on the Metacade website.

However, it is also notable that investors have learned from the bear market of 2022 so many investors may be shying away from the crypto market as a whole. As such, projects that carry quality are preferable now than ever as they hold and sustain gains. Metacade could be one of them.

The project is supported by a world use case that is starting to get noticed, and demand is growing – GameFi. Crypto fanatics want to collaborate, build into Web 3.0, and earn. As such, investing in Metacade is an excellent idea because the token will hold value given the novel use cases. 

Are game-fi tokens good for long-term investment?

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Think about a project that fuses gaming and finance. This is the unique proposition of game-fi projects like Metacade. For many, this is the future of gaming as it lets participants earn from what they love – playing and creating.

To put into perspective, research shows the sector will be worth $2.845 billion by 2028. That means an annual growth of 20.4% from a valuation of just $776.9 million in 2021. With the research finding, game-fi is only starting, and early investors will benefit immensely. 

Is Metacade worth buying now?

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Buying Metacade now offers a perfect chance to be part of a transformation brought by the GameFi platform. Demand is currently high, with over $12.38 million raised so far. Conversely, its native token is very attractive as it only sells for $0.0185. By the time the presale ends, the token’s price is expected to be $0.02. Analysts have an ambitious target of up to $1 into 2024.

The price is still very low if you buy the token at the current presale value. Why? MCADE has yet to hit major exchanges when its actual value is expected to be unlocked as it attracts more liquidity. So, buying MCADE now is the ideal choice, as investors will enjoy significant price increases when the token enters exchanges. 

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