AltSignals (ASI) presale overwhelms in the first phase. Is this a good opportunity?

on Apr 13, 2023
  • AltSignals is a signal trading service
  • The platform is launching an AI signal service powered by $ASI token
  • Analysts have earmarked up to a 2,000% price increase of $ASI

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AltSignals (ASI) has been a buzzword lately. However, for traders, it is one of those tokens making entry into a space only at its nascent stage – algorithmic trading. $ASI is the native token that will power AltSignal’s artificial intelligence platform for traders.

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$ASI is only at its first presale stage, with over 48% of tokens sold out. The presale has raised over $527,000, making it an early success. You can join the presale here for early benefits.

What is AltSignals and $ASI?

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AltSignals dubs as a platform built by traders for traders. The UK-based platform has existed since 2017 and has become popular for its safe trading signals covering stocks, forex, and crypto. On Trustpilot, AltSignals has a 4.8-star rating out of 5, with over 503 reviews. Over 1500 users have subscribed to its VIP trading service. Also, AltSignals has more than 50,000 Telegram members, making it among the most popular on social media. 

Following strong demand for its services, AltSignals is launching an AI-powered platform dubbed ActualizeAI. The AI platform is expected to strengthen the quality of signals generated and expand the scope of the financial instruments covered. 

To give the ActualizeAI members more freedom and earnings opportunity, the AltSignals team are launching the $ASI token. It will power the AI platform and will be the unit of membership. $ASI will also give holders exclusivity to platform projects and initiatives, including prize draws.

The future of AI trading signals and the position of ActualizeAI

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Algorithmic trading is becoming popular each day as investors seek an alpha edge in financial markets and overcome potential risk downsides. A Greenwich Associates survey focusing on senior trading executives in North America found a growing interest in AI trading execution. Executives cited the search for liquidity and minimization of slippage as key reasons for using AI.

From a trading point of view, using AI predictive signals improves performance and helps avoid adverse selections. As such, investing in this space is a valuable undertaking that will generate win-win situations for the service providers and their clients.

ActualizeAI promises to revolutionise AltSignals and offer a revamped signal service from the currently used AltAlgo™. Not only does it increase the winning rate and increase customer satisfaction, but it also gives the community a voice through ownership of the native token. These are some of the metrics that tell this could be a popular token bound to make waves in the crypto sector in 2023.

AltSignals price prediction in 2023

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1 $ASI now goes for $0.015. The price is expected to be $0.02274 in the final stage of the presale. Analysts have earmarked a price of $0.40 by the end of 2023 when the token will have been listed on major exchanges. That represents a price surge of nearly 2,000% from the final presale price. Such a prediction is not off the table, given that newly launched and listed tokens have risen by up to 4,000% in the past. 

Nonetheless, a prudential price increase of 1,000% is more realistic for the year as the token gathers liquidity and more investors join its trading community. With our projection, a price of $0.25 is probable in the medium term. 

Is AltSignals worth buying?

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Very few projects have managed to attract a strong presale as AltSignals. That is the first indication that it is a project with strong demand and is likely to grow. Having noted the above, AltSignals is worth investing in for various reasons.

$ASI could be a valuable coin since it powers an already existing community of traders. The pre-existing backing allows $ASI to have a smooth take-off once it enters exchanges.

Besides, $ASI is more than just a token to buy and hold. It gives access to high-quality trading signals that will make money to traders. Thus, beyond the speculative role, the token is attractive to new and novice traders seeking a share of trading profits.

Also, ASI is a novel token. It is powering a service that has never been taken to blockchain before. The limited competition and first-mover advantage allow $ASI to become a top and valuable coin. 


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