AltSignals in focus as A.I. helps Nvidia join the trillion-dollar club

on Jun 1, 2023
  • Nvidia Corp says the A.I. mania will help it report record revenue in Q2.
  • The A.I. boom could be a tailwind for AltSignals and the ASI token as well.
  • The crypto token is currently up 25% versus its first presale stage.

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Artificial intelligence has been all the rage in financial markets ever since Nvidia Corporation issued an extraordinarily strong guidance for its current quarter as Invezz covered here.

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HP Inc has joined the A.I. race as well

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Nvidia now expects “A.I.” to push its revenue all the way up to a record $11 billion in Q2. That outlook topped Street estimates by a whopping $4.0 billion. In response, the semiconductor behemoth temporarily saw its market cap surpass $1.0 trillion this week.

Then came HP Inc reporting lowest quarterly revenue since the start of the pandemic that failed to weigh on its stock price because the management confirmed it was working on a new personal computer capable of handling the A.I. workload locally (without depending on cloud computing).

Artificial intelligence will help us redefine what a PC is. We’re working with key software vendors and silicon providers to redesign the architecture of a PC that will be able to process AI applications locally.

Also recently, Professor Jeremy Siegel of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania also opined that artificial intelligence was not a bubble yet (read more) – which is to say that there’s more upside to this high-growth sub-sector within technology.

If so, projects like AltSignals that are focused on the real-life applications of artificial intelligence will likely benefit moving forward.

What you need to know about AltSignals

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AltSignals is an up-and-coming name in financial technology that aims at helping people maximise returns out of their stocks, forex, or crypto investments.

Its flagship service that the company calls AltAlgo is premised on an advanced algorithm that informs investors on the appropriate price of a given asset at which they should build a position an also the price at which they should exit.

What’s even more exciting for those interested in artificial intelligence, though, is ActualizeAI – a new trading toolkit that AltSignals is on track to launching soon. You can think of this product as an upgraded version of AltAlgo as it uses artificial intelligence to enhance the accuracy of signals it sends out to investors.

The A.I. based improvements will likely invite more users to its services thereby boosting AltSignals not just as a business, but as an investment as well.

AltSignals’ ASI token is currently in presale

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Here’s the best part. AltSignals is not just a tool you can use to earn more out of stocks or crypto. It’s actually an investment in itself as well.

ActualizeAI – its upcoming trading service magnified with artificial intelligence will use a crypto token the company is calling the ASI token. Owners of the ASI token will have the right to vote on governance much like shareholders.

The ASI token will also unlock access for them to what ActualizeAI has to offer, including a chance to participate in trading tournaments and other opportunities to make money. Most importantly, price of this crypto token, much like any other asset, will be based on supply and demand.

If demand climbs over time, price of the ASI token will move in tandem – and that’s what makes AltSignals an investment. The ASI token is currently in presale making up for a suitable time to invest early and wait for price appreciation.

A comprehensive guide on AltSignals’ website elaborates on how to participate in the crypto token presale in three easy steps.

Could the ASI token hit 5 cents in 2023?

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As stated earlier, price of the ASI token depends largely on demand that seems to be strong so far considering it has raised nearly $0.9 million in presale.

Versus its first presale stage, the crypto token has already jumped 25% to $0.015. According to AltSignals, the ASI token will be worth $0.02274 by the end of the ongoing presale.

The optimism is based primarily on the blockbuster response it has received from users that speaks to the demand for its trading service that has a score of near perfect 4.9 at Trust Pilot. AltSignals has built a community of more than 52,000 traders on Telegram. Its VIP group now has over 1,400 subscribers as well.

The ASI token is yet to list on major crypto exchange. Remember that its peers, including Floki and Pepe noted a sharp price appreciation when they went live on Binance. It is, therefore, conceivable that AltSignals will reap the same benefit as it starts to list on crypto exchanges.

Lastly, it’s not just the A.I. boom that’s expected to help appreciate price of the ASI token. The broader crypto market recovery could also be a tailwind.

With ongoing issues in terms of the federal debt, confidence in the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency has taken a hit. The recent banking crisis was another shock to the reputation of the fiat currencies at large.

To that end, many have started turning to alternative assets like cryptocurrencies. As the macro events continue to drive investors to crypto and contribute to the market recovery, the ASI token will likely benefit as well.

While it’s still too early to forecast how high the crypto token could go, a number of experts see it hitting 5 cents by the end of 2023. Visit the AltSignals’ presale page for further details.

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