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Chancer vs. DeeLance: Why new and revolutionary CHANCER token has the edge?

on Jun 7, 2023
  • Chancer is a new blockchain-based P2P social predictions platform set to redefine the gambling industry.
  • DeeLance is also an exciting blockchain-based cryptocurrency project.
  • The CHANCER presale is scheduled to start on 13 June 2023.

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For cryptocurrency investors, 2023 has had a bit of everything – an explosive market performance following last year’s bear chaos, one that’s tinged with negative sentiment catalysed by regulatory headwinds. There have also been a host of interesting and revolutionary projects looking to go live, a number of which have seen rising interest in their token presales.

Two of these disruptor projects are DeeLance and Chancer. Here we look at why the latter could be the new crypto token to watch for 2023.

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What is Chancer?

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Chancer is a new cryptocurrency project set to revolutionise not just the betting industry but broader leisure and entertainment sector via a unique and innovative model.

As the destination for all social predictive markets, Chancer is poised to become a very big player in the gambling space. Powering the ecosystem will be CHANCER, a utility token necessary for setting up the prediction markets and for payouts.

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CHANCER also offers the opportunity for holders to earn more by becoming network validators, through a Share2Earn initiative and via staking. In terms of tokenomics, there will be 1.5 billion CHANCER tokens, with 65% set to be available in the Chancer presale that’s scheduled to start on 13 June, 2023.

How does Chancer work?

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Unlike traditional bookmakers and other predictive markets, Chancer offers users the chance to set up and customise their own P2P betting markets. Built on blockchain and benefiting from the security and transparency it offers, the platform gives users a chance to realise the “Your Game, Your Rules, Your Odds” goal.

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Chancer therefore removes the centralised feature of being a “house”, with this meaning anyone can take a prediction event, set the odds and then take on others on the wager.

With the platform, users do not only have the opportunity to pick a betting event and set up a custom P2P market, but also tap into the smart contracts capability to allow friends and other users to participate. They can also participate in larger ecosystem-wide bets.

The CHANCER token will go live on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) blockchain. If you are interest in learning more about the token, you can visit the project’s website or watch this explainer video. You can also go through their whitepaper.

CHANCER price prediction

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As noted, the Chancer presale is likely to be a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy the token at lower prices. At $0.021 at the final presale stage, CHANCER could explode when it goes live on a leading DEX and major CEXs in Q3 2023.

According to the Chancer team, the roadmap also includes a BETA platform launch during the quarter and mainnet release and further development later in the year or early 2024. CHANCER price could rocket from here, with $0.5 and $1 key short term targets.

Those who buy CHANCER now might register greater paper gains in coming months and a bull market pump could push the token’s value even higher in the second-half of 2024.

What is DeeLance?

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DeeLance is a decentralised hiring platform that aims to connect world’s freelancers with employers from across the globe. Unlike platforms like Upwork and Freelancer, DeeLance users blockchain to offer users access to greter transparency, security, and low costs for both clients and talent providers.

DLANCE is the native utility token of the DeeLance platform and will be key to facilitating transactions across its NFT marketplace and metaverse. The token is currently in presale, with 30% of total supply of 1 billion DLANCE available for early investors.

DeeLance price prediction

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Like Chancer, DeeLance plans to list on a DEX and major CEX platforms when the presale ends. Currently, the token sells at $0.038 after jumping 15% from $0.033 and is set to rise to $0.043 at the next presale stage.

Given interest in the Web3 freelancing platform and its native token, investors are likely to see significant appreciation of their assets’ value when the project launches in Q3 at a listing price of $0.055. From here, the 60% or more gains on current levels could include a bullish run to the highly desired prices above $0.1.

What makes CHANCER a better investment today?

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DeeLance is a new blockchain-based freelancing platform that seeks to upstage centralised players like Upwork and Freelancer. Chancer, on the other hand, offers the world’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) market platform in the gambling industry.

While both projects look primed to redefine respective sectors, the social predictive markets space is virtually yearning for its first P2P betting platform. It means Chancer is that game-changer and the market outlook for its CHANCER suggests large whales will waste no time in trying to quickly gobble up the supply that hits the secondary market.

Considering the above scenario, the presale allows retail buyers to scoop up CHANCER at what could be a great discount for the early-birds. Interested in Chancer? Learn more here.

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