Nefta partners with HAQQ to ensure much-needed DeFi stability

on Jul 31, 2023
  • Nefta offers blockchain tools to help businesses launch quality web3 projects.
  • HAQQ connects developers, Muslim innovators, and open-source contributors.
  • Nefta joins forces with HQQ to attract millions of clients.

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A strategic deal sees blockchain tech provider Nefta collaborating with HAQQ, a Cosmos SDK-based proof-of-stake network. HAQQ connects renowned players within the Ethical Finance space to ensure global community-driven decentralized tools.

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Tools to onboard millions of clients

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Nefta’s deal with HAQQ will ensure the much-needed stability with the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Nefta will provide its Whitelabel blockchain tools to HAQQ, allowing the latter to accelerate user onboarding. HAQQ allows individuals to deploy smart contracts created on different EVC chains without hurdles.

Meanwhile, Nefta stands as a one-in-all platform, simplifying the onboarding procedure with all the needed tools, including ease-to-implement SDKs and APIs and Whitelable services to allow firms re-rand.

The partnership between the entities targets HAQQ’s exclusive collaboration with Holiday Swap. Nefta’s tools will attract Holiday Swap’s million users in over 185 nations to the blockchain without the challenges of the web3 transition.

Nefta offers multiple blockchain tools that ensure frictionless and effortless transfers of web2 membership and loyalty programs to web3 and blockchain. Further, the collaboration will offer HAQQ and Holiday Swap clients heightened utility.

Nefta and HAQQ have similar motives for democratizing technological development. HAQQ will benefit from Nefta’s end-to-end technology to help Holiday Swap migrate its undertakings to the blockchain. The company’s CEO, Geeshan Willink, stated,

“This partnership with HAQQ is one of Nefta’s most exciting partnerships so far. The HAQQ Networks ethics first priority brings much-needed stability to decentralized finance. Their mission to create a fairer, more sustainable financial system is something that really is necessary if we are to see cryptocurrency and blockchain technology gain mass appeal.”

Democratizing ethical finance

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HAQQ CTO Andrey Kuznetzov commented on Nefta’s collaboration, saying that the latter will help them democratize ethical finance. He believes the deal cements the future of ethical blockchain.

“Teaming up with Nefta accelerates our mission of democratizing ethical finance. Their blockchain toolbox helps us streamline user onboarding, crucial for large-scale transitions like Holiday Swaps. This partnership symbolizes a fusion of tech innovation and ethical commitments, setting a solid foundation for the future of ethical blockchain finance. With Nefta, we’re not just imagining the future of ethical finance; we’re building it.”

Nefta has collaborated with different entities, including GAMI, MYSTiC GAMES, VIKER, and MoonGaming, since its 2022 launch to amplify blockchain accessibility.

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