AllianceBlock launches Arkefi, an RWA platform, on Avalanche

on Sep 7, 2023
  • Avalanche is getting an upgrade with Arkefi, an AllianceBlock-powered luxury collective investment platform.
  • AllianceBlock allow businesses to compliantly issue, manage, and trade tokenized digital assets.
  • Arkefi leverages blockchain technology and DeFi to unlock liquidity for illiquid and unbankable assets.

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AllianceBlock, a provider of infrastructure for decentralized tokenized markets, is introducing Arkefi, a high-value real-world asset (RWA) investment platform within the Avalanche ecosystem. With the backing of ARTBANX, an art investment company, Arkefi is poised to revolutionize RWA investments, offering an accessible avenue for both High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and cryptocurrency investors to partake in investments encompassing exclusive art, luxury cars, and rare collectibles.

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Despite the high value associated with the collectibles featured on Arkefi, the platform adopts an inclusive approach, welcoming participation from individuals at all levels. For instance, the initial listing will permit investments as low as $100.

First Arkefi collectible on Avalanche

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The inaugural luxury collectible investment spotlights the acclaimed Danish-Vietnamese installation artist, Danh Võ, based in the vibrant art hub of New York City. Võ’s work has garnered global acclaim, with his art prominently featured at prestigious events and institutions such as La Biennale di Venezia, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Notably, Võ’s artworks have consistently appreciated at annual rates exceeding 10%.

Arkefi harnesses blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) to unlock liquidity for traditionally illiquid and difficult-to-bank assets.

Simultaneously, it strives to make high-value art, exclusive vehicles, and collectibles more accessible through a transparent and user-friendly platform. Backed by ARTBANX’s expertise in the art industry and AllianceBlock’s proficiency in blockchain technology, Arkefi aims to redefine the way individuals invest in tangible assets.

Key features of Arkefi

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Arkefi emphasizes user accessibility, transparency, and convenience, all empowered by AllianceBlock’s decentralized technology:

It empowers HNWIs to unlock the liquidity of their valuable yet traditionally illiquid assets, utilizing them as collateral to access funds. It also guarantees tangible benefits for investors. In the event of a buy-back, both the principal and the pre-agreed returns are directly deposited into the digital wallet. In the absence of a buy-back, buyers gain full ownership, thereby offering additional profit potential.

The Arkefi platform tokenizes and fractionalizes high-value art pieces through the Nexera Protocol, creating a digital representation on the blockchain. This enables fractional ownership and investment in art.

The partial ownership feature facilitates small capital investments in fractionalized tokenized art pieces, broadening the scope of art investment to a wider audience of investors and art enthusiasts.

Sellers can access liquidity from their collections by tokenizing and showcasing their artworks on the platform for funding. In cases where repurchase does not occur, buyers retain ownership, presenting additional profit opportunities. However, only artworks meeting stringent standards are made available for sale, and they are securely stored in bonded warehouses in Switzerland to ensure asset preservation.

Arkefi platform also provides user-friendly guidance with step-by-step instructions, ensuring a seamless navigation experience on the platform.

Merging AllianceBlock’s technology and ARTBANX’s expertise

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The fusion of AllianceBlock’s technology and ARTBANX’s expertise sets a new benchmark for tokenizing RWAs. Upcoming enhancements encompass the integration of AllianceBlock’s identity management and compliance solution, NexeraID, secondary market trading, dynamic pricing mechanisms, insurance pools, and the expansion of offerings to encompass other high-value asset classes like luxury cars and diamonds.

Arkefi’s launch aligns with AllianceBlock’s mission to establish the infrastructure for a decentralized tokenized market by bridging the realms of high-value art and decentralized finance.

Matthijs de Vries, CTO and Founder of AllianceBlock expressed enthusiasm about the potential of DeFi in reshaping high-value real-world asset investment. He highlighted Arkefi’s launch on the Avalanche network as a significant step, combining innovative tokenization infrastructure with ARTBANX’s expertise to make art and collectible investments more equitable, efficient, and accessible for all.


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