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Memeinator presale countdown logged in as end to puny memes begins

on Sep 18, 2023
  • The Memeinator is on a mission to take control, and weak meme coins are part of the endgame.
  • Memeinator is blockchain and AI-powered and will offer more than legacy meme crypto tokens.
  • Presale starts on September 27 and will last 29 stages.

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A market cap of $14 billion for the meme coin market today is impressive for a sector that was nearly $0 before the last bull cycle swung into action. Daily trading volume ranges above $390 million, with Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe topping the charts.

Looking to gun its way to the top is Memeinator, a new meme token that will not hesitate to annihilate all those that are weak as it shapes the future of the meme coin world. This new dawn comes via “Judgment Day,” the Memeinator’s presale that is now just nine days out.

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Specifically, the mission begins when the native MMTR lands on September 27.

“Judgment Day” comes to the meme world

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Returning from the future to clear the mess created by scam projects angling to benefit from the traction seen over the past few years is Memeinator’s stated mission. While it will leverage the meme craze that brought DOGE, SHIB and PEPE to where they are today, the goal is to surpass these amid total dominance.

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Before that happens, it’s the small tokens that will fall first as an artificial intelligence helps the “terminator” take aim amid a targeted market cap of $1 billion. Ahead of this, is a highly anticipated presale that fans of Terminator 2, crypto enthusiasts and gem hunters can access here.

What is Memeinator?

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Memeinator is a meme coin designed to bring more to its community than just the hype that has driven many of the current meme market listing. Promising a token economy powered by MMTR and leveraging AI, holders will have more in terms of a dominant platform, including a game.

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As noted in the project’s roadmap, the focus will be to rid the market of all that’s useless in terms of meme offerings. In addition to blockchain technology, Memeinator will leverage AI via the Twitter API and OpenAI technology. These are working platforms that add to Memeinator’s appeal as a project focused on delivering on realistic goals rather than priming the market with so much only to deliver nothing.

The MMTR is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 1 billion – 62.5% of which has been allocated to the presale. Investors will have the opportunity to buy MMTR across 29 stages when the sale goes live on September 27.

For now, early birds are joining the waitlist via the official website.

Is Memeinator worth buying today?

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Crypto itself is seeing so much attention today, with the influx of major investment market players into the space driving fresh optimism. As sentiment flourishes around the eventual approval of spot ETFs for the US market, a cascade of love has flowed into the meme coin market. However, the main catalyst for meme remains the staggering returns witnessed when the likes of Pepe (PEPE) hit the market.

Many low-cap memes skyrocketed alongside PEPE, hitting the peak in April and May with several triple digit gains. Memeinator, which is already showing signs of a similar trajectory to Pepe, could outpace rivals as analysts forecast a new raging bull market for the industry.

With AI doing the heavy work of marketing MMTR via sentiment analysis, a viral environment could see the token climb to the top. The presale offers early investors a chance to add their positions, with the potential to see astounding returns.

This isn’t down to just what Memeinator offers, but also the traction expected of crypto and AI – two strong narrative in the investment world today.

You can learn more about the project and presale on Memeinator social media channels and website.

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