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Pepe drops 24% in a month as revolutionary Memeinator cleans up the meme token space

on Sep 26, 2023
  • Pepe’s value dipped by 24% within a month, leaving enthusiasts worried about the meme token’s future.
  • PEPE resorted to relentless downtrends following insider trading speculations.
  • New entrant, Memeinator, plans to destroy weak projects in the memecoins sector.

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Pepe ($PEPE) has lost the hype it had months ago, which saw its price increase by a massive 9000%. The meme token attracted investors as its value skyrocketed to $0.00000431. Nonetheless, the tables have turned for the once-lucrative crypto. Pepe has lost around 24% over the last 30 days.

PEPE’s 30-day price chart on Coinmarketcap

PEPE has lost around 24% of its value in the last 30 days. Notably, the asset’s turmoil started when the Pepe team offloaded tokens worth $15.7M from the primary wallet. Further, the wallet’s protocol access changed to two signatures from five.

As reported, such events catalyzed rug pull speculations, and enthusiasts started selling their PEPE stash. While developers tried to control the damage, influences expressed skepticism and regret over investing in the project.

Furthermore, PEPE’s Telegram account fueled the fire as it encountered security issues. The alt traded near $0.00000068 at press time, indicating an 85% dip from ATHs. Analysts have different opinions about PEPE’s future trajectory, with most forecasting steep price slumps.

PEPE’s performance reflects the issues of illegitimacy in the meme token sector. Meanwhile, the newly launched Memeinator plans to rescue the themed digital coin market. The project aims at capitalizing on AI to find and destroy weak memes.

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The new challenger – Memeinator (MMTR)

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While Pepe encounters challenges, a new challenger, Memeinator, has arrived to rescue the meme coin industry. The new project will ride on the ongoing themed cryptos craze while offering enthusiasts a chance to invest in powerful brands with promising futures.

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Returning from 2077 to clean up the meme currency market, Memeinator uses artificial intelligence to scan and destroy weak projects, or “those it deems undesirable and who’ve had a negative effect on the future from which it has returned.”

Memeinator plans to dominate the sector and gain the top spot as the most traded themed crypto.

Should you invest in Memeinator?

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Memeinator is a lucrative project providing crypto fans a chance to invest in meme coins with lucrative opportunities. While other tokens in this asset class rely on hype to grow, it has a detailed roadmap for attaining massive market capitalization.

“The project will invest heavily in marketing and branding to make sure everyone is talking about it, and that the road to a huge market cap is clear.”

Also, Memeinator will continue to flourish as artificial intelligence gains more traction. Covering a wide range of industries, experts believe the AI market will explode to near $2 trillion cap by 2030. AI-centric projects remain poised for remarkable upsides.

Memeinator’s impressive tokenomics makes the altcoin an ideal candidate for explosive price growth in the future.

You can find more information about Memeinator on their website.


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