Pi Network unveils Staked Direct Messages in its chat platform

on Oct 17, 2023
  • Pi Network has launched a Staked Direct Messages feature in its ecosystem.
  • The developers aim to boost interactions in its ecosystem ahead of the mainnet launch.
  • Pi Network has other dApps in its ecosystem like Fireside Forum and Pi Browser.

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Pi Network, the widely popular creator of Pi Coin, announced a major milestone on Tuesday. In a statement, the company launched Staked Direct Messages on the platform’s chat application.

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Pi Network launches staked messages

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The new feature will let Pi Network members, popularly known as pioneers, the ability to access any individual in the ecosystem through direct messages. They will do that by staking their Pi coin, thus creating the crypto’s utility.

Pi Network, which was established in 2019, has been growing its ecosystem in the past few years. They have already launched the Pi Browser, which has been downloaded by millions of people.

Most recently, they launched the Fireside Forum, a social network in the ecosystem. The social media network uses the Pi coin to ensure healthy interactions in the platform. According to the developers, the platform has gained strong popularity since its launch a few months ago. In a statement, Dr. Chengdiao Fan, one of the co-founders said:

“Staked DMs is Pi Network’s attempt to answer this need by allowing members across the Pi Network community to message each other directly on a one-to-one basis. And thanks to its Web3 mechanism designed to signal constructive connections while curbing unwanted communications, it may ultimately solve for DM spamming problems common to Web2 platforms while allowing more accessibility.”

Pi Network ecosystem growth

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In addition to its browser and Fireside Forum, Pi Network is also incentivising developers to build apps in its ecosystem through its hackathons. Developers have created apps in key industries like social media, decentralised finance, and even gaming.

For starters, Pi Network is a cryptocurrency that seeks to disrupt the industry. It does that by simplifying how people mine digital currencies. Unlike Bitcoin, which requires advanced computers to mine, Pi users can mine using any smartphone.

Pi Network has become incredibly popular over the years. Its application has over 50 million downloads in Android while its Twitter platform has over 2 million followers. In contrast, Cardano has 1.3 million followers while while Tron has 1.4 million.

Pi coin cannot be spent or converted into fiat currencies since the coin has been in an enclosed mainnet in the past two years. According to the developers, this enclosed mainnet is needed as they continue to verify the KYC in the ecosystem.


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