Coin98 launches DApp store on NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System

on Nov 2, 2023
  • Coin98 unveils a decentralized DApp store powered by NEAR's BOS.
  • The DApp store streamlines access to Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystems for over 7 million users.
  • NEAR's BOS enhances the Web3 user experience and promotes mainstream adoption.

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Coin98, a prominent multichain wallet and DeFi platform boasting over 7 million users across 170 countries, has unveiled a groundbreaking decentralized DApp store powered by the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

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This innovation aims to streamline user access to Layer-2 (L2) ecosystems, offering a seamless experience for DeFi enthusiasts and Web3 users.

One-stop shop for Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystems

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Coin98’s new decentralized DApp store acts as a one-stop shop for users, providing an intuitive interface for accessing top bridging and DeFi protocols across Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystems.

This development significantly improves the accessibility and discoverability of L2 solutions, making it easier for users to explore this growing space.

The Coin98 Super Wallet, which supports over 70 chains and 15,000 DApps, now incorporates the BOS gateway. Users can seamlessly explore new Layer-2 and DeFi ecosystems through a unified interface.

Notably, the frontend code for DApps is stored on-chain on the NEAR blockchain, ensuring a fully decentralized experience for users. This innovation enhances Coin98’s position in the competitive wallet market by simplifying the interaction with top Layer-2 solutions.

NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System

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NEAR’s BOS technology is at the heart of this initiative. It offers a chain-agnostic tech stack for decentralized frontends, simplifying the development process and enabling scalable integration of new applications.

This solution addresses the persistent challenges of complex onboarding and fragmented user experiences in the Web3 space, providing a user-friendly and efficient gateway for both new and experienced users.

Coin98 Founder Thanh Lê emphasized the vision of making Web3 accessible to all users. With BOS, they’ve created a user-friendly interface that fosters decentralization under the hood, offering hassle-free interaction with exciting Layer-2 ecosystems. The technology’s efficiency greatly reduces the development process, allowing for a fast and scalable integration of new applications.

Coin98’s launch of a decentralized DApp store powered by NEAR’s BOS marks a significant step in simplifying the Web3 user experience. With the BOS, users can explore various Layer-2 ecosystems seamlessly and efficiently, eliminating complexity and switching costs. This initiative aligns with NEAR’s mission to drive mainstream adoption of the Open Web by delivering exceptional user experiences and showcases the growing trend of innovative gateways enhancing the blockchain landscape.

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