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Memeinator raises $1.43 million amid huge token predictions at stage 6

on Nov 20, 2023
  • Memeinator has raised $1.43 million in presale, occurring in 29 stages.
  • Memeinator will deliver 132% gains during the presale.
  • A potential 10x gain is likely for MMTR in 2024 and up to 50x in the future.

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Imagine a cryptocurrency capable of crushing and destroying subpar and non-original memes. Memeinator comes to do precisely that: find and eliminate meme tokens that have failed to give value. With the desire to clean up the controversial meme sector, Memeinator targets a market cap of over $1 billion. The goal is huge, but Memeinator has captured imaginations, attracting over $1.43 million in presale.

What you need to know about Memeinator

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Memeinator is a new meme crypto project run by artificial intelligence. The team coined the project from their dissatisfaction with how the meme sector has been evolving. Too many non-original, weak, and fake meme tokens have emerged. Consequently, investors have lost money on such low-quality memes.

Boasting cutting-edge AI technology, Memeinator will crawl the web to find and destroy weak peers. It also relies on ruthless meme-targeting to achieve the same goal. The aim is to become a game-changer in the meme landscape by leading a resistance against unworthy memes.

To gain traction, Memeinator will invest in heavy marketing and branding. The aim is to ensure everyone is talking about the project and the Memeinator token. Through marketing, Memeinator targets to dominate the meme sector. This is also achieved through listing on top-tier exchanges globally. 

The big Memeinator promise saw the project heavily subscribed before launching the presale. Within 20 minutes of going live, more than 1000 people joined the Memeinator’s mailing list. Another 5000 had followed the project on Twitter and Telegram in a single day. These metrics have been carried on to the presale, signalling a significant potential once the token lists.

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About Memeinator presale

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Memeinator presale is an ambitious 29-stage process seeking to raise funds for the project development. The project is currently in the 6th stage, which is nearly concluding.

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The presale has been exciting, owing to persistent price increases for the token at each stage. For example, while the token was attractively offered at $0.01, the price has risen to $0.0133. In the next stage, the price will increase to $0.014.

The persistent price gains mean early investors will make considerable gains even before the token is listed. Overall, investors will make over 132% returns throughout the presale. 

Memeinator prediction 

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Memeinator has attracted a lot of interest since launching the presale. The demand will likely continue after the token is listed. Given that the presale is in its early stages, the potential listing for the token will be early 2024. 

Predictably, Memeinator will begin a bullish move in 2024 after the token debuts on exchanges. As we have seen with most meme tokens, gains happen immediately after a token is listed due to speculations. In 2024, the gains in Memeinator could be up to 10x, given the presale demand. Other meme tokens have risen more than 10x, giving Memeinator a similar chance. 

The post-listing gains could slow down towards the end of 2024 as speculative activity cools. However, Memeinator will likely maintain gains as the project’s meme-targeting systems are launched. New utility areas such as games, staking, and NFTs could also unlock the value. In 2025 and beyond, Memeinator will likely see up to 50x gains as the race to domination gathers pace.

Is Memeinator a good meme investment?

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Meme tokens are high-returning investments. While Memeinator carries a similar potential, it taps into AI, an emerging area of application. Given the AI use, Memeinator could dominate peers that rely on human effort to gain popularity.

The meme token also features a strong roadmap of meme targeting and utilities. As such, the token could attract high demand and skyrocket in value. That makes MMTR attractive for investors looking to capitalise on the growing popularity of meme tokens.


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