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Nervos Network’s CKB token sees market shift after its first halving event

on Nov 20, 2023
  • Nervos Network conducted its first halving event on November 19th.
  • The CKB halving cut hard-capped base issuance rate, reducing real inflation to 3.77%.
  • The CKB halving has seen the price of CKB token rise from its lows of November 18.

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As the cryptocurrency market gears up for the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event, Nervos Network conducted its first halving event causing notable market shift.

The halving event for Nervos Network brought about changes in its issuance rate, impacting the CKB token.

What is Nervos Network?

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Nervos Network is a blockchain platform which consists of multiple blockchain layers designed for different functions. The foundational layer is known as the Common Knowledge Base (CKB), whilst the native cryptocurrency of this layer is called CKByte (CKB).

This foundational layer — the CKB uses a proof-of-work consensus model. 

Nervos Network’s dual-layer architecture, featuring the Common Knowledge Base (CKB) and a unique approach to account abstraction, sets it apart in the blockchain space.

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The network addresses challenges such as state bloat through a multi-layered design, tying state growth to the native token, CKB.

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Nervos Network halving and market anticipation

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Nervos Network, an open-source public blockchain ecosystem, marked a significant milestone with its first halving event on November 19th.

Coinciding with the broader crypto market’s preparations for the upcoming Bitcoin halving, Nervos Network’s halving aimed to cut the hard-capped base issuance rate in half, resulting in a substantial reduction in real inflation. The halving brought the base issuance down from 4.2 billion to 2.1 billion CKB per year, contributing to a lower inflation rate of 3.77%.

CKB token’s response to the halving

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Despite the reduction in the base issuance rate, the CKB token experienced a 7% decline in the past seven days, settling at $0.00354. Post halving, the token has climbed considerably from a low of $0.0034 on November 18, just hours before the halving event.

Nervos Network price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

While CKB’s price remains relatively bearish, Nervos Network trading volume surged by 16.73% to $3,299,775 just a day after the halving event. This divergence between price movement and increased trading activity suggests heightened market dynamics and potential volatility.

Notably, investors and market participants closely monitor halving events as they often have a profound impact on a blockchain’s native token. In the case of Nervos Network, the halving event not only influenced the token’s price but also triggered a surge in trading volume. The market’s reaction to such events is a reflection of investor sentiment, anticipation, and adjustments to token issuance changes.


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