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Bitcoin Dogs presale countdown as Dogecoin loses top spot. Which is the better dog-themed crypto?

on Feb 12, 2024
Updated: Feb 13, 2024
  • Bitcoin Dogs is the first ICO on the Bitcoin network and rivals dog-themed cryptocurrencies.
  • Dogecoin has been the leading dog-themed cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin Dogs edges out Dogecoin as the token with more potential.

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Bitcoin is reimagined in the upcoming Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) presale. And guess what? This is the first BRC-20 token. As the presale opens on Valentine’s special, investors have something to be optimistic about. Meanwhile, Dogecoin is no longer among the top ten biggest cryptocurrencies. Are dog wars likely to tip Bitcoin Dogs as a better investment than Dogecoin in 2024? 

Bitcoin Dogs – the first Bitcoin ICO

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Since Satoshi Nakamoto ushered in the crypto sensation that is Bitcoin, time has vindicated his innovation. Bitcoin remains the widely adopted and most popular cryptocurrency. It is a legacy blockchain that has maintained a singular focus, rarely giving in to change. Things are changing, with Bitcoin Dogs becoming the first BRC-20 token. 

Bitcoin Dogs leverages Bitcoin’s blockchain power, allowing anyone to have a piece of the legacy network. Tokens will be minted on the network, but investors will purchase the tokens on ERC-20. You simply submit a BTC wallet to purchase Bitcoin Dogs and receive the tokens when the presale concludes.

Bitcoin Dogs is a timely dog that debuts in what is supposedly a Bitcoin year. The Bitcoin spot ETF, the Bitcoin halving, and Bitcoin Moon are seen as trailblazers for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is responding appropriately, recently crossing the $48,000 mark. Leveraging the Bitcoin network makes Bitcoin Dogs ride the anticipated momentum and return big.

Bitcoin Dogs is also a dog, for that matter. When you own the token, you are simply accorded the privileges other dog owners have. You can engage in social interactions through a virtual world or metaverse or play games. You can also curate your dogs and sell them through a virtual marketplace. As such, the Bitcoin Dogs NFT collection will feature 10,000 unique and collectible tokens. Or, simply, the biggest Bitcoin ordinals NFT collection.

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Dogs rarely live an isolated life. With $0DOG ownership, you are given free access to a vibrant community. Here, you can participate in collaborative initiatives, competitions, and events. You can throw a banter, a jibe, or a joke over fellow dog owners. As you experience this, you get a chance to earn exciting giveaways and rewards for beneficial ownership.

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Dogecoin loses the top-10 spot cryptocurrency

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When it comes to dog wars, Dogecoin always emerges as the rightful winner. After all, Dogecoin is the biggest dog-themed cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time. 

But the truth has to be admitted – Dogecoin is no longer the shining cryptocurrency it used to be. This should not be interpreted as underrating the cryptocurrency’s massive potential. Instead, it is an appreciation of the absence of crucial fundamentals to drive its price in the near term. And sure, Dogecoin is now the 11th largest cryptocurrency after losing its position in the top ten.

The fall in popularity of dog-themed tokens gives newcomers a chance to thrive. This positions Bitcoin Dogs as a perfect choice to deliver significant gains.

Bitcoin Dogs vs. Dogecoin: Which is a better cryptocurrency?

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Dogecoin is the leader among the canine siblings. But when it comes to who has the potential, Bitcoin Dogs takes the crown. 

Not to mention that being the first presale on the Bitcoin blockchain makes Bitcoin Dogs highly speculative. As such, the token can easily rise 10x, 50x, or 100x. Dogecoin is already a mature dog that is already losing its grip in the dog family. 

Bitcoin Dogs presale is also a statement on its own. It occurs in exactly 30 days when 90% of 900 million supply tokens will be up for grabs! The value of the tokens in presale rises every three days, allowing early risers to snap tokens attractively.


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