Meme coin mania: MMTR presale raises $4.7M as BONK surges on Revolut news

on Feb 15, 2024
  • Memeinator presale has raised $4.7 million as meme trading volumes rise.
  • BONK rose by 7% after news it will be listed on Revolut.
  • MMTR is a higher potential cryptocurrency than BONK.

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The meme sector trading volumes are increasing. The total trading volume just surpassed $40 billion. Analysts believe this is the beginning of the altcoin rally, as memes indicate a growing risk appetite. A big name, Bonk (BONK), will always be mentioned when this shift occurs. But there is a new giant in the scene – Memeinator (MMTR). The token is offered in the presale, and the investors are growing anxious over the potential listing in 2024. And when it occurs, analysts are hopeful this is a 100x banger. Can MMTR dislodge the popular Bonk token? 

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Memeinator tipped for success as meme interest grows

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Meme tokens are growing amid several market developments. The approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETF, of course, added optimism to the markets. Investors are now anticipating spot ETFs for altcoins, including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

Amid these developments, the Memeinator presale welcomes a new meme name, MMTR. Memeinator has seen more investors pouring in with token purchases as interest grows in the meme sector. Consequently, investors have bought over $4.7 million of the tokens. It is crucial to mention that this token is only in Stage 15 of the presale, with the process occurring in 29 stages. So, the amounts may increase further as demand remains high.

Memeinator has become a popular cryptocurrency thanks to its AI use and application in vast web 3.0 areas. Notably, the project uses AI to scan the internet for weak and non-original memes. It then destroys them, leaving only the worthy competitors in the scene. The team also invests heavily in marketing and branding to make the token popular and one of the best meme coins.

Besides, Memeinator drives utility from gaming, non-fungible tokens, and staking. These are fast becoming popular with investors looking to grow their passive incomes. The use cases have elicited discussions that Memeinator could be among the cryptocurrencies to register a 100x gain. But is this enough to rival others and achieve the status of the most returning meme in 2024?

BONK boosted by Revolut listing news

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Solana-based meme token BONK will rightly rival any token in 2024, as it has been bullish this year. The token is up 34% in the last week and is predictably set for further gains. The latest cryptocurrency news has rightly cemented this position.

According to BonkDAO, BONK could soon be available for trading on Revolut’s trading platform. Revolut will run Bonk’s “Learn and Earn Campaign” in the proposed partnership. 

The partnership is significant given that Revolut already has a user base of 38 million. Bonk expects the move to increase the user base of the meme coin by 500,000. Revolut users will be incentivised to participate in the learn and earn products. Over $1.2 million has been set aside for the user rewards.

BONK responded to the news, rising by more than 7% intraday. The surge extends the token’s gains in the past week as BONK recovers its bullish surges of late 2023.

Is Memeinator a better cryptocurrency to buy than BONK?

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Objectively, Memeinator and BONK are tokens expected to shape meme trends in 2024. Memeinator has already shown its potential in presale, while BONK is rightly at the mix of meme interest. 

However, the opportunity is right in favour of Memeinator. With a projected 100x increase, the token will likely eclipse what BONK investors gain.

Memeinator is also a crypto of the future, combining AI and meme targeting. Thus, its future outlook is brighter, and it is a better cryptocurrency to buy. Investors can purchase the token on the project’s website, with the price rising at each presale stage. 


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