SoundHound AI: The undervalued stock in Nvidia’s AI crown

on Mar 13, 2024

Nvidia has established itself as the undisputed leader in artificial intelligence stocks with a portfolio that turns promising ventures into gold.

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Among these glittering investments is SoundHound AI (NASDAQ:SOUN), a company rapidly gaining traction as a must-have in the portfolios of those seeking undervalued AI stocks with substantial growth potential.

SoundHound AI’s appeal

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SoundHound AI’s association with Nvidia is not just a badge of honour but a testament to its innovative prowess and potential.

This partnership illuminates SoundHound’s promising future in the AI space, attracting savvy investors looking to diversify with high-growth potential stocks.

SoundHound’s innovative Voice AI platform

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At the core of SoundHound AI’s appeal is its groundbreaking Only Voice AI platform, designed to facilitate more natural and efficient conversations.

By simultaneously processing natural language and recognizing speech, SoundHound AI stands out for delivering quicker, more accurate responses.

This capability is crucial across various applications, from restaurant order-taking and hospitality management to marketing and transcription services, showcasing the platform’s versatility and market value.

SoundHound’s diverse applications

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SoundHound AI’s technology extends beyond typical AI applications, featuring a music identification app that recognizes songs sung by users.

While this may seem a niche offering, it underscores the sophisticated technology underpinning SoundHound AI’s platform and hints at its wide range of potential uses.

What the analysts say about SoundHound?

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SoundHound AI’s financials are a strong indicator of its market position and growth trajectory.

Last quarter, the company reported an impressive revenue of $17.15 million, marking an 80% year-over-year growth.

Despite operating at a loss—a common stage for early startups—the narrowing loss margins and an 80% improvement in adjusted EBITDA signal a swift move towards profitability.

Analysts rate SoundHound AI as a strong buy with significant upside potential.

Beyond its technological innovations and financial performance, SoundHound AI’s market potential is recognized by analysts who recommend it as a strong buy.

With predictions of over 50% potential upside, SoundHound AI is not just an attractive investment due to its association with Nvidia but stands as a formidable entity in its own right, promising substantial returns for those who invest in its growth story.


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