Interview: Don’t focus on the Bitcoin halving, says crypto influencer Aquarius Maximus

on Apr 17, 2024
Updated: Apr 18, 2024
  • Aquarius Maximus (formerly known as Tavonia Evans) has been a crypto influencer for years.
  • So, Invezz asked for her opinions on the Bitcoin halving.
  • And her advice was unexpected: don't buy or sell the halving. Here's why.

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There is little you can tell AI & BlockChain expert Aquarius Maximus about Bitcoin that she wouldn’t already know.

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A seasoned Bitcoin investor, she has been involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community since 2016, is the founder of decentralized cryptocurrency, Guapcoin, and is a crypto influencer to boot.

Invezz sat down with Maximus (formerly known as Tavonia Evans) to find out exactly how the Bitcoin halving will play out this week. 

This Bitcoin halving will be like no other one before

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The upcoming halving event, likely to happen on April 19th, has generated worldwide curiosity among investors and crypto enthusiasts about how the price dynamics will play out.

Typically, Maximus notes that a halving makes the news because it creates scarcity and causes supply to go down dramatically. But she says that this one will have another element to consider: the Bitcoin ETFs.

Now we have a wild card in play – something totally new. We have a third party involved where, traditionally, it was just the newbies and the ‘hodlers’ (‘hold on for dear life’ Bitcoin investors).”

The role of ETFs in Bitcoin halving

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Maximus continues:

That is exactly what makes this halving different. The ETFs don’t have an allegiance to either one of those. The ETFs have a considerable penetration in the market right now, and the ETFs don’t adhere to the traditional Bitcoin standards of holding to potentially see the price go up. In fact, their standards seem to be ‘sell, sell a lot because hey, no one else is selling!’”

For this reason, no one knows exactly what is going to happen in this halving – although Maximus can see a few potential options.

Two possible halving scenarios

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The first one involves the ETFs ‘selling the news’ of the halving, so to speak:

The last couple of weeks, [Bitcoin ETFs] haven’t even really been buying, they’ve been selling – like they know something we don’t know! So, they kind of pose the biggest question mark. If there were no ETFs, I think it would be clear that the Bitcoin price would go up. But because there are the ETFs, someone’s going to have to sell, and we know that the ETFs have been selling.”

According to Maximus, this is a great opportunity to see the impact the ETFs will make on the Bitcoin market. If a lot of selling takes place on the side of the ETFs, “I think there may be some anger riled up against the institutional holders of Bitcoin,” she says.

Another scenario Maximus sees is closer to the traditional halving route: those new to cryptos being caught up in the hype and buying in droves.

There’s going to be so much FOMO, that you may have a rush of people coming in and buying. But there have also been very tight reigns on selling Bitcoin lately. So, if this dynamic plays out, I think the Bitcoin price is going to jump up considerably.”

Don’t buy or sell the halving news

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Aquarius Maximus’ advice for the Bitcoin halving, on the day itself, is unconventional: act as if it’s a normal day and don’t buy or sell any Bitcoin.  

“You definitely don’t want to do anything the day of the halving,” she says, adding: “that could be a cause for great regret.”

Due to the sheer volatility the Bitcoin price has experienced in the last couple of weeks, she believes most experienced Bitcoin investors will take more of a ‘wait and see’ approach.

“I definitely think we’ll see more activity around the next two to three days following the halving,” she concludes.


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