Is Algotech a ‘buy’ after reports of Bezos involvement in Amazon AI efforts?

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on May 16, 2024
  • Jeff Bezos is reportedly involved in Inc's AI efforts.
  • Here's what it may mean for the recently launched Algotech.
  • $ALGT has already raised millions in its ongoing presale.

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Jeff Bezos is reportedly concerned that Inc may be falling behind its big tech peers in artificial intelligence.

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Bezos sees transformative potential in AI

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An anonymous source that talked to CNBC this week also revealed that the founder and former chief executive is “very involved” in what $AMZN is doing to excel in the AI race.

What the report suggests is that the billionaire sees potential in artificial intelligence to drive growth for Amazon moving forward – and he evidently does not want the titan to miss on that opportunity.

It is important, however, that the rapid growth and continued focus on AI is unlikely to be a tailwind for the behemoths like $AMZN only. It may attract investors to up-and-coming platforms like Algotech as well.

Let’s learn more about Algotech.

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Algotech is making use of artificial intelligence to turn you into a better trader.

What this blockchain based platform does is tap on AI to build a trading algorithm based on tried and tested strategies like hedging, mean reversion, and trend that you can use to make more profitable trades in a financial market.

Since Algotech is tied to artificial intelligence – investing in its native $ALGT token is pretty much synonymous to positioning to take advantage of billions of dollars worth of investments that are expected to flow into the AI space in the coming years.

Interested in finding out more about this unique project that combines artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency into one? Click here to visit its website now.

Why should you invest in $ALGT presale?

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What’s particularly exciting about Algotech is that $ALGT is going for pennies only at writing.

It is expected to list on a crypto exchange after the ongoing presale which typically makes a crypto token more accessible – and greater accessibility tends to bring more investors that ultimately translates to a higher price.

All of that is yet to happen for Algotech. And you can easily capitalise on that potential rally if you choose to invest in Algotech today.

Note that $ALGT has raised millions already in its ongoing presale so it’s not like you’d be investing in something that isn’t commanding super strong demand. If you’d like to know more about how you can invest in Algotech today, you should visit its website on this link.

Algotech ($ALGT) is a cryptocurrency after all

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Another interesting feature of Algotech is that it shares part of the trading fees it earns with you as long as you are invested in its native $ALGT coin.

All in all, its ERC-20 token is a cryptocurrency so it’s reasonable to expect it to rally if the rest of the market does. And there’s multiple factors related to Bitcoin which could translate to strength for the crypto market at large this year.

These include the significant demand on the back of Spot ETFs the U.S. regulator approved this year as well as the halving event in April that delivered a supply shock.

Plus, the U.S. central bank is close to announcing its first rate cut as well which will make risk-on investments like cryptocurrencies attractive again. Click here to learn more about Algotech.


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