Microsoft Cloud to offer AMD AI chips as Nvidia alternative: Buy AMD stock?

on May 17, 2024
  • Microsoft partners with AMD for AI chips, challenging Nvidia dominance.
  • AMD reported mixed performance in Q1 2024, with growth in Data Center.
  • The stock to oscillate around $140 support, $184 resistance in near-term.

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) has been a notable player in the semiconductor industry, often viewed as a formidable competitor to larger counterparts like Nvidia. Recent developments, however, suggest potential shifts in dynamics within the market. A recent Reuters report unveiled Microsoft’s intentions to introduce an alternative to Nvidia’s AI processors through a collaboration with AMD.

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This initiative, set to be detailed further at Microsoft’s Build developer conference next week, signifies a significant endorsement of AMD’s capabilities in the AI chip domain. AMD’s foray into AI chip manufacturing has been gaining traction, with the company projecting substantial revenue generation in this segment. The unveiling of AMD’s flagship MI300X AI chips, expected to be integrated into Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, presents a compelling alternative to Nvidia’s offerings.

Microsoft’s decision to offer AMD’s AI chips signals a growing recognition of the latter’s technological prowess and the potential disruption it could bring to the data center chip market.

The backdrop against which AMD’s advancements unfold is a landscape of fluctuating stock performance and divergent analyst sentiments. Past assessments have ranged from skepticism, labeling AMD as “dead money,” to cautious optimism, acknowledging the company’s potential for growth. Recent financial reports, including the Q1 2024 earnings, have painted a mixed picture of AMD’s performance, with notable highlights in the Data Center segment offset by weaknesses in Gaming and Embedded segments.

While AMD’s AI GPU revenue has shown promising growth trajectory, particularly with the MI300 accelerator’s rapid adoption, questions linger about the company’s ability to achieve hyper growth akin to its competitors. Analysts have scrutinized AMD’s projections against the backdrop of Nvidia’s dominance, raising concerns about market share dynamics and the pace of technological innovation.

Fundamentally, AMD’s strategic positioning and financial outlook present a nuanced narrative. While the company has demonstrated resilience and innovation in certain segments, challenges persist, including inventory management issues and margin pressures. The comparison with industry giants like Nvidia underscores the scale of competition and the imperative for AMD to carve out a distinct niche in the market.

As investors weigh these factors, the question arises: Is AMD poised for sustained growth, or will it continue to grapple with challenges and market dynamics? A closer examination of technical indicators and chart patterns may provide insights into the trajectory of AMD’s stock performance. So, let’s delve into the charts to discern potential trends and inflection points that could shape the future of AMD’s stock.

Downtrend dust settles: Quest for momentum renewal

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AMD’s stock saw a humongous uptrend between late November 2023 and March this year that took it from sub $95 levels to above $225. However, over the next few weeks, the stock catered entering a bearish phase that took it to the $140 support zone.

AMD chart by TradingView
On the medium-term charts, we can see that $140 is currently acting as a support zone for the stock, while $184 is acting as a barrier. Since all medium-term indicators are currently in a neutral zone, there are high chance that the stock will oscillate between these two price levels in the foreseeable future.

Because the stock is not in control of either bulls or bears at this time, we won’t advise opening a long or short position here. However, investors who are bullish on the stock can buy it at current levels and keep a stop loss at $139.5. If the stock regains upward momentum, it can take it to its all-time highs once again.

Traders who want to short the stock must ideally wait for it to go above $175, where they can short the stock keeping a stop loss at $186 and a profit target of $140.

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