As tech giants shift focus to small language models, launches AI-powered L2 blockchain for enterprises

on May 20, 2024
  • AI companies are now prioritizing small language models for their powerful capabilities and cost efficiency.
  • launches Entropy an AI-driven L2 platform designed for B2B enterprises.
  • The platform will feature smart contract automation for autonomous operations.

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Artificial intelligence companies like Apple, Microsoft, Meta, and Google, which have invested billions in large language models, are now turning to small language models to boost revenues.

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These new AI models, recently released by the tech giants, have fewer “parameters” — variables used to train AI systems — but still offer powerful capabilities.

This shift addresses businesses’ concerns about the costs and computing power required for large language models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Despite the general notion that more parameters result in better performance, the industry is seeing a push toward efficiency.

OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4o, and Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro, both launched this week, have over 1 trillion parameters. Meanwhile, Meta is working on a 400 billion-parameter version of its open-source Llama model, showcasing a balance between power and practicality. confirms launch of AI-powered L2 

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Amid these developments, has launched its new layer-2 (L2) platform, Entropy, which is designed to become “the ultimate B2B enterprise and business-ready layer for the future.” 

While comprehensive details on the technological aspects are yet to be disclosed, industry insiders suggest that’s new Entropy blockchain will transcend conventional L2 solutions by incorporating AI technologies that can accelerate the widespread adoption of Web3 and blockchain.

The integration of AI is expected to automate processes and enhance the efficiency and functionality of blockchain applications.

A foundation for an AI-powered ecosystem

Copy link to section intends for Entropy to serve as the foundation of an AI-powered ecosystem for the settlement layer of the future.

The platform will feature smart contract automation for autonomous operations, making it a pioneering solution in the blockchain space. The company aims to create an environment where AI agents can independently write, optimize, and execute smart contracts.

“This has never been done and our solution will ensure that every transaction and operation is executed with unmatched precision and efficiency,” the team stated.

Innovations to democratize access

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Early indications suggest that Entropy will offer several innovations designed to democratize access to and adoption of L2 blockchain technologies.

Additionally, Entropy will feature a marketplace for AI models, allowing developers to monetize their models, while users will be able to integrate these modes into their operations.

Potential impact on the CHO token

Copy link to section’s CHO token, which surged by over 500% following the company’s prior advancements, remains central to the innovations.

The growth potential of this new AI-driven L2 platform suggests that the value of CHO could rise sharply as the crypto markets adjust to the anticipated developments. 

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