Crypto criminals allegedly socially engineer multiple celebrity X accounts

on May 27, 2024
  • Celebrities' X accounts, including those of Rich The Kid and Caitlyn Jenner, were used to promote new tokens.
  • Sahil, a suspected social engineer, is believed to have tricked Jenner's team and dumped tokens.
  • Celebrity-inspired tokens, including RICH and JENNER, saw significant market activity shortly after promotion.

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Several celebrities allegedly had their X accounts hacked or socially engineered over the weekend. The attackers promoted various celebrity-inspired memecoins

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Notably, the X account of American rapper Dimitri Leslie Roger, known professionally as “Rich The Kid,” was used to promote a new token named “RICH.” The attacker posted a link for his 2.3 million followers to buy the new token “RICH.”

Hackers posting a link on Rich The Kid’s X account. Source: Rich The Kid

This token was launched using the Solana-based memecoin creation tool, and quickly reached a market cap of $90,000 within two hours, according to data from DEX Screener.

There has been no statement confirming whether Rich The Kid’s X account was hacked, but the post has since been deleted.

Caitlyn Jenner inspired token stir controversy

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Simultaneously, the X account of American media personality Caitlyn Jenner began promoting another memecoin named “JENNER.” The token reached a $27.1 million market cap in about eight hours since its launch, as per DEX Screener. 

This event has stirred controversy and speculation among industry observers, with debates over the authenticity of Jenner’s promotion. 

In response, videos featuring Jenner and her manager, Sophia Hutchins, were released, confirming the legitimacy of the promotion and denying any use of deepfake technology. Jenner further encouraged her 3.3 million X followers to engage with the new cryptocurrency promptly.

The cryptocurrency was also promoted on Jenner’s Instagram accounts. 

“If you wanna get in on this, get in in a hurry, OK, get in right now,” Jenner said in a video.

Not an isolated event

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The JENNER token was also launched on The crypto wallet posted by Jenner is the same wallet posted by adult content creator Kazumi, who is suspected to have been hacked when promoting the coin “ZUMI” on May 20. 

Moreover, the same weekend saw the promotion of other tokens allegedly connected to the JENNER coin, including “RICH,” “DOLL,” and “SOULJA,” leading to suspicions of a coordinated hacking incident.

Jenner’s team, as Hutchins stated in an X-space session, claimed to be unaware of these associations.

Crypto influencer Roxo suggests that Caitlyn Jenner’s team was not hacked but was socially engineered by an individual named Sahil. He acted as a middleman to launch the token for Jenner, as her team lacked knowledge about crypto. 

After launching the token and getting Jenner to promote it, Sahil allegedly dumped all the tokens from the deployer wallet and additional tokens from burner wallets. 

On-chain analysis indicates that Sahil had already dumped all the tokens. Caitlyn’s team seems to have been deceived, and the original tweet made by Sahil remains posted, asking people to send him tokens. 

This series of incidents follows a similar event last month involving Tom Holland’s X account, which was hacked

The account, with more than 7 million followers, was used by bad actors to announce that the Spider-Man star was supposedly launching “Spiderverse” in partnership with the global crypto exchange Binance. The compromised account included a link to a sham website, urging users to get early access to the fraudulent SPIDER cryptocurrency and Spiderverse NFTs.

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