Video game giant Square Enix shifts to Arbitrum (ARB) to reduce gas fees

on May 30, 2024
  • Square Enix will use Arbitrum for its blockchain game Symbiogenesis.
  • That marks a shift after the initial minting happened on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Arbitrum’s low gas charges attracted Square Enix.

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The video game firm behind Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy has confirmed that its upcoming NFT character mint for the Symbiogenesis game will happen on Arbitrum (ARB).

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The gaming giant will leverage Arbitrum’s capabilities to enhance user experience and reduce gas charges for minting NFTs of the story-centered blockchain game.

Square Enix adopts Arbitrum for NFT mint

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Square Enix has confirmed a shift to Arbitrum for phase 2 of character mint in the Symbiogenesis game. That aims to make the NFT mining process accessible and more cost-effective.

The initial minting on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet incurred high gas costs.

Arbitrum will help Square Enix tackle one of the main challenges in the NFT sector – high transaction charges.

Symbogenesis’ X post stated that the ARB integration will trim gas fees to around 1/1000 of the first wave cost – about 1.3 yen per bid.

The game will release 1,500 NFT characters on Arbitrum on Friday, May 31.

The three-day process will end on Sunday, releasing the new non-fungible tokens in small batches.

The massive transaction charges reduction will potentially boost user experience, allowing everyone to join the NFT mining process.

Further, lower fees might bolster the game’s adoption and engagement.

While the initial character mint occurred on the ETH blockchain, users mined other in-game NFT tokens on Polygon.

Square Enix hasn’t confirmed whether it will ditch Polygon and go all on Arbitrum. User feedback and the blockchain’s performance will likely influence this strategic decision.

The community’s response to the migration to Arbitrum remains crucial as it could determine the NFT’s performance.

Square Enix’s shift to Arbitrum to reduce costs for the Symbiogenesis game reflects its dedication to ensuring a top-notch user experience.  

ARB’s current price outlook

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The altcoin flashed bearish signs at press time, down 1.67% over the past day to trade near $1.13.

Arbitrum’s 24-hour slide comes as the altcoin market retreats. Ethereum and Solana dropped 0.55% and 1.33% over the past day, respectively.

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