Exclusive interview: Playnance COO sees a ‘new generation of GameFi’ ahead

on May 31, 2024
  • Yaniv Baruch expects legacy names in gaming to adopt blockchain technologies.
  • He expects L3 solutions to help pave the way for blockchain scalability in GameFi.
  • Playnance is now a leading L3 gaming ecosystem in terms of transaction volume.

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Bigger, more notable names in gaming will eventually “adopt blockchain technologies”, says Yaniv Baruch. He’s the chief operating officer at Playnance.  

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What Baruch expects will help boost blockchain integration

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Baruch acknowledged user experience and complexity as “major barriers” for the gaming companies to switch to blockchain technologies.

But innovations like “account abstraction” and “Rollup-as-a-Service (RAAS)” will likely help overcome such hurdles, he told Invezz in an interview on Tuesday.

The COO also confirmed that Playnance has “adopted these technologies in our dedicated gaming blockchain (PlayBlock) built on Arbitrum Orbit” as well.

Among legacy names, he cited Ubisoft that’s already dipping its toe in blockchain with its Quartz platform. Others including Krafton, Square Enix, and Konami Holdings are developing in-house Web3 games as well.  

Playnance COO sees big potential in Layer-3 solutions

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Yaniv Baruch expects continued innovation and new technologies to usher a “new generation of GameFi” characterised by improved accessibility and security.

He forecasts significant growth in “AI driven game mechanics” aimed at personalised gaming experience for optimum user experience as well.

The chief operating officer sees potential in Layer-3 solutions to “pave the way for blockchain scalability in GameFi”.

“Our L3 solutions have shown great performance, and we became the leading Layer3 gaming ecosystems in terms of transaction volume, he added in an interview with Invezz on Tuesday.

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