What you need to know about the Roaring Kitty GameStop (GME) livestream today

on Jun 7, 2024
  • Roaring Kitty is back after three years with a new livestream today.
  • The YouTube event has generated massive interest already, with over 10k watching already, hours before.
  • But what can you expect from the livestream? And what will happen to GameStop prices?

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Today, during the US trading session’s afternoon, an icon will return to screens everywhere.

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Roaring Kitty, aka Keith Gill, will return to YouTube for his first livestream in years.

What time is the Roaring Kitty livestream?

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Occurring at 12pm Eastern Time (ET) from the United States, this will mark the first time Roaring Kitty has conducted a livestream in over three years.

Source: YouTube

Public reaction to the livestream

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Understandably, the event has aroused massive interest online, with more than 34,000 likes and 10,000 viewers already online and watching for the livestream to begin.

“RK for first Trillionaire”, wrote username dum gasm, while user Tweevest stated that Gill will “be a billionaire” by the time the livestream is over.

Source: YouTube

What will happen during the Roaring Kitty livestream?

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If the comments are anything to go by, the GameStop stock price will skyrocket before and during Roaring Kitty’s long-awaited livestream.

“Buy and hold some $GME and be a part of something” user Daniel Park wrote, while user Gingerliquor wrote that “your only regret is that you wish you bought more”.

Several others commented that they had used their bonuses or salaries to buy GameStop stock ahead of the livestream – which was not confirmed yet to have been discussing GameStop in particular.

Most look to be planning to top their shares in GameStop at the time that the Roaring Kitty livestream begins.

While some will hold (or hodl, if you prefer), others will likely use the opportunity to sell – meaning we are in for some serious GME volatility during the livestream.

The GameStop share price

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The GameStop share price is certainly benefitting from all the attention.

Despite the US markets not being open yet, GameStop Frankfurt shares are in Germany – and the GameStop stock price is already up over 47%, almost $15, today.

At the time of this article going to press, the GameStop stock price was around $46.55 – meaning it’s fast approaching its previous highest price for the year, $4875, which it reached on May 14th after Roaring Kitty started posting on social media again.

Should you buy GME GameStop?

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While no one can tell you what stocks to buy, sell or hold, market sentiment appears to be in favor of GameStop’s price going up – at least in the short term, prior to the livestream.

That being said, volatility and price swings are all but guaranteed, meaning that GME is likely not for traders or investors who very much know what they are doing and have their own stock research, due diligence and personally set goals to fall back on.

Who is Roaring Kitty?

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Roaring Kitty, the alias of Keith Patrick Gill, is an American investor and analyst best known for his key role in the now-legendary short squeeze of GameStop stock in January 2021, which has even been made into a film.

Gill made a name for himself, and his username DeepFuckingValue, with his immensely popular posts on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets – in particular those in which he analysed GameStop stocks, of which he was an investor prior to (and during) the short squeeze which reportedly made him his fortune.

After regulator scrutiny due to his involvement in the short squeeze, which absolved him of any wrongdoing in late 2021, Gill stopped posting online as Roaring Kitty. The self-induced three year hibernation seemed to only have added to his mystique, as evidenced by the sheer amount of online interest in today’s streaming.

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